Hello and welcome! I’m Jill and this is BigKidSmallCity.com!


Here we explore, write about and take pictures of Houston. My 4 kids (11, 9, 6, 2 years old) do all the exploring with me.

If you see a post on BigKidSmallCity, you can know for sure that we took the big family circus and did it. We packed the bags, pushed the strollers, searched for the bathrooms, broke up a few sibling arguments and took our own pictures. No fancy stock photos or laundry lists of ideas here!

I spent 13 years working as an electrical engineer and 7 years as a full time working mom. For 3 of these years, I worked by day and blogged about Houston by night.

When the website started, I did not know it could be my full time career one day, but I always had this dream of not just working from home, but being able to make a living by spending time with my kids.

In December 2014, I left my career in telecommunications to work on BigKidSmallCity.com and BKSCGroup full time (and still cannot believe how lucky I am!).


Why did I start BigKidSmallCity?

I was pregnant and about to go on maternity leave with my third child, and I was just sick and tired of cleaning up the same mess in my family room.  One day I decided to simply get out and explore Houston, with the kids… and to write about it.

Now we spend our free time playing and eating around Houston… and not cleaning up the same mess in the family room!

The website has always been upbeat, possitive and dedicated to making our big city feel small.  I always provide the weekly events list, family friendly restaurants, Houston area parks, resources for parents and lots of things to do with kids.  I am also an engineer, former Navy wife and proud mom… so you will see that sprinkled around BigKidSmallCity.com.


So why is this website called BigKidSmallCity?

Well, my kids aren’t really big, and Houston isn’t small, but my kids FEEL big while we are exploring, and learning about, this big city one small piece at a time.

I hope that it encourages parents to get out of the house and into Houston, that it makes it easy for kids and families to understand how the city ticks and I hope to give back to the city that offers a high quality of life to my family.

Each week I provide weekly events lists, things to do in Houston with kids, family friendly interviews of local leaders and resources for parents. I know there is a lot of information on BigKidSmallCity, please go HERE to get started!

Thank you for visiting!


To learn more about BigKidSmallCity.com and my family, watch this One Square Mile: Texas segment!

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