Entrepreneurial Secrets of Garbage Man Joe – How to Raise Hard Working Kids in an Instant Gratification World

We live in an instant gratification world.  We want what we want, and we want it now.

We are constantly connected and very little patience is needed in getting information, connecting with friends, responding to messages and buying what we want.  We can, in fact, often get what we want, and get it when we want it.

Responding immediately to emails and ordering supplies with overnight shipping are great advantages that come with hidden dangers.  In this instant gratification world, how do we draw the line between what is okay to do without hard work and what is not?

More to the point, how do we teach our kids that it is okay to order school supplies with a click on the smartphone, but it is not okay to assume that every toy they want will be delivered with overnight shipping?  How do we make sure they know how to work hard, earn respect and not feel entitled to money, a good grade, making a team, being hired for a job or being promoted?

Simply telling your child that instant gratification is okay in some contexts but harmful in others, is not enough.  It’s hard to understand words that have no personal meaning.

This was a very real concern of mine and I had a constant and nagging worry that I was not raising kids that would be happy and successful adults.  I had sent them to good schools and signed them up for the extra lessons and clubs, but nothing taught them to live in our instant gratification world without expecting to always get what they want immediately.

The solution I accidently found was to set up a simple, but consistent, system for my kids to work hard and become hard working, responsible, reliable, independent and financially savvy people, inside the instant gratification world in which we live.  And it only takes 10 minutes per week.

When my son was 4 years old, we decided to start a Garbage Can Curbside Service where Joe could pull his neighbors trashcans out and back in on trash day for 25¢ per can.

We were already pulling out our own trashcan, and could easily haul out more cans on the street…  but the results of taking this initiative have been amazing.

In this ebook, Entrepreneurial Secrets of GarbageManJoe, How to Raise Hard Working Kids in an Instant Gratification World, I will tell you why we started the business instead of allowance, the benefits that do not have a dollar value, the easy steps for setting up and running your own business and the biggest mistake to avoid.

Read to the end and you’ll also learn what we did with our hard working, responsible, reliable, independent, financially savvy kid and what he’s taught me and my husband about entrepreneurship.

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