Fire Truck Park in Southside… a playground for big kids & a fire truck for toddlers!

Address: 3743 Garnet Street, Houston, TX 77005

Fire Truck Park in Southside is one of our very favorite parks!

Not only is there a fire truck play structure for toddlers, but there is unique big structure for the big kids. And it’s completely fenced in with a little rock “boulders”, spinners, tire swing and more!

This park is pretty small in size and easy to watch… but my big kids and little kids all like to go here. They can run between the equipment and stop for a snack at the covered picnic tables.  I can follow the toddler and know the bigger kids are close by.

Plus, when we leave we can go to Little Matt’s or play at the other spots around West University!

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Fire Truck at Fire Truck Park
Address:   3743 Garnet, Houston, Texas

Fire Truck Park in Southside Place is another one of those parks that I’ve been meaning to go to for years, but somehow never made it. Well, we finally went and I’m sorry that I put it off for so long.

There are two large play structures at this park. The one for older kids includes some of the fun features we’ve seen at other parks like the hanging pendulums and the climbing ropes. The one for littler kids is in the shape of a fire truck! It also includes fun activities, and the back of the truck is a gently sloped mini-rock wall that looks perfect for toddlers.

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Fire Truck Park at Southside Place

Fire Truck at Fire Truck Park
Address: 3743 Garnet Street, Houston, TX 77005
Cost: Free
Appropriate Age:  Any age

Our Review:  A friend invited us to their neighborhood park.  When she told me it was named the Fire Truck Park, I threw the kids in the car and raced over.  With a name like this, I knew it would be good for my 3 junior fire fighters.

The Fire Truck Park is located in Southside Place.  Southside Place is a little city in the middle of Houston, located between University, Grammercy, Edloe and Auden.  This city within a city has a mayor, city manager, 5 council members, police chief, police department and volunteer fire department.  Next to the club house, tennis courts, softball field and pool is Fire Truck Park.

View of Fire Truck Park
When the city’s first fire truck was retired in 1970, it was kept in this park, making it the Fire Truck Park.  This truck and the other playground equipment came into disrepair after many years of use, so in 2012, a completely renovated Fire Truck Park was opened.  And it is fantastic.

Baby Climbing Fire Truck at Fire Truck Park
At 4:00pm on a nice Sunday afternoon, this park was hopping.  Lots of families were out playing and socializing.  There was a birthday party at the picnic tables, groups congregating and kids having fun.  The equipment is new, the mulch and turf are soft and well maintained, and my favorite part, is that the park is fenced in with only 2 entrances.  Moms can sit on the bench and see the kids across the park.  Or, if you are like us, mom can watch the baby while the big kids run free.

Fire Truck with James
This park has something for everyone.  For kids under 5 years old, there is a new fire truck play structure.  It was perfect for James.  He could crawl up the steps or “stone wall”, slide down the little slide or drive the truck.  The truck is on top of soft astro turf that is clean and easy for testing out this new thing called walking.

Climb at Fire Truck Park
My big kids ran around the rest of the park between the huge rock wall, the big kid play ground, swings, merry-go-round, hillside slides and tire swing.  Periodically they would run over making the fire engine siren sound and “drive” the fire truck to the next fire.

Teeter Totter at Fire Truck Park
The equipment is very unique and not something you see at every Houston park.  The merry-go-round is made from a tire, there are little “flowers” where the kids sit and spin themselves and there is a very unusual rock wall for the biggest kids.

The park is open from 7:00am to 10:00pm daily, but at dinner time the crowd started to head home.  We did same but only after I promised the kids that we could come back soon.

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