Two Days in Beaumont… Things to do with Kids!

I casually mentioned to Tracy of SheLovesScience that I was planning a short trip from Houston to Beaumont… and she sent me a two day itinerary!

Look below for what to do, where to eat and a map… and tell us what to add!


From Houston Mom, Tracy:


Day 1 in Beaumont:

1.  Play at Colorado Canyon

  • Head to play at either of the two 18-hole miniature golf courses in the morning before it gets too hot
  • Cool off inside the Arcade
  • Check out their Tyrannosaurus foot print, dinosaur femur, gemstones and fossil samples


2.  Lunch at Willy’s

  • Head for Lunch at a popular local hamburger joint Willy’s
  • See if you can spot the cue-ball wall while eating a fantastic burger


3.  Play at Beaumont Children’s Museum


4.  Dinner at J. Wilsons

  • Another great local favorite. Sandwiches, hamburgers, and salads on the menu with a large selection. The kids loved the nachos.
  • If you sit in the back you can have a view of a fire station and even get to watch it pull in the garage or leave!


5.  Dessert at Snobiz!

  • Walk from JWilsons to get a snow cone at a local snow cone stand!




Day 2 in Beaumont:

1.  Play at the Fire Museum 

  • Take your picture with the 24 foot Dalmatian fire hydrant that actually works!
  • The museum is free to enter.  They only ask for donation and to sign the guest book
  • There is a model fire truck you can imagine what it feels like to be a modern firefighter and even see how long it takes you to dress in a fireman uniform.
  • Upstairs learn how to dial 911 on a phone and talk to a simulated operator to report a fire
  • Climb into a model home to figure out how to get out of an upstairs window


2.  Lunch at Greenlight Kitchen

  • You can walk to the Greenlight Kitchen from the Fire museum and enjoy a burger, chicken sandwich or salad.


3.  Pick between:








  1. I love this… Beaumont is a beautiful city! Thank you for featuring it!


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