CLOSED: Lucky Burger

UPDATE: Now Closed.

Address:  1601 Richmond Avenue, Houston, TX, 77006

Cost: Reasonable

Appropriate Age:  Any Age


Lucky Burger is a Greasy Spoon.  And, I have a special place in my heart for dives and greasy spoons.  Something about them is more intriguing than a fancy restaurant.  Probably because more adventure is involved in the dining experience.

Lucky Burger is in a funny little building located on the corner of Mandell and Richmond in Montrose.  It has been family run since 1975 and you’ll meet them when you walk in the door.

The place is old and beat up but looked clean.  You order at the counter and either sit at the window or in the small dining area.

I had been here years ago and had a burger.  It was good enough but did not make me a regular.  Then I got a tip that Lucky Burger was actually a burger AND fried rice joint.  This got my attention and sent me back with my kids.

To make this a real adventure, the kids and I parked near Mandell Park.  I told them to find a building with a big blue “hat”.  We tip-toed through the park, down the sidewalk and found it.  Next I told the kids to find a way to get our stroller up the front step.  Joe held the door while I maneuvered over the one step.

Next I told them to find rice on the menu behind the counter.  We searched through shrimp, fish, nuggets, burgers, grilled cheese and found the Shrimp Fried Rice (Large is $8.99).  Our next objective was to sit on the tall stools and play I-spy out the window.  We did this as our food was made and the staff made a big deal over the kids.

In about 5 minutes the food was done and we declared our mission a success.

Lucky Burger does have some high chairs and invited us to stay and eat.  I was afraid of the damage we would do with 3 kids and a box of rice, so we took our order to go.

At home we opened the huge box of rice and ate.  And ate.  And ate.  This box fed me and my 3 minis.

We liked the rice and the price.  My kids didn’t know Lucky Burger was a greasy spoon, but they did know that their mom’s stove doesn’t cook much (or well).  They certainly appreciated the adventure and ate their body weights in fried rice.  And so did I.


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  1. I have enjoyed your writings and recommendations for over a year now but have to tell you that the service at Lucky Burger was horrible. I had to beg for some plastic utensils, one at a time, as each of my twins insisted on their own spoon and fork…don’t even get me started on separate plates for the fried rice. We ate quickly and left and in the parking lot one of my girls asked why the lady had such a mean face. The food was average tasting fried rice and burgers and maybe your experience was different because you got it to go but I won’t return…just my two cents.

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment. I’m sorry you found bad service. We like the adventure of finding this funny little building, but if we found the “mean face” when we visited, I’m sure we would not have had a good experience. Instead, we had a nice lady at the counter who made a big deal over the kids and invited us to eat-in rather than taking the food to-go. Definitely good to know that not all the staff (family?) is like this.

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