Where in Houston can you get great looking, affordable kids portraits? JCPenney Portraits in Meyerland!

It can be really hard to get good portraits at a good price. It is even harder when the subject wiggles and won’t look at the camera. And when you have 3 young kids wiggling to their own beat, it can be almost impossible.

Still, Margie at JCPenney Meyerland always captures good pictures.

My oldest child is almost 6 years old and we’ve been getting pictures done every 3 months since he was born. With this frequency, I cannot afford an expensive photographer. Fortunately, with JCP Meyerland, I do not need to.
Margie works very hard to make the kids smile, laugh and sit in 1 spot.  Even if it is just for 1 second, she can capture a good picture.
Let me also say that not all JCPenney Portrait Studios are created equal.  The price is always right but it takes a good photographer to get the good pictures.  If you are in Houston, the Meyerland location is worth driving to!
730 Meyerland Plaza Mall
Houston, TX 77035

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