The Breakfast Klub

Address:  3711 Travis, Houston, TX 77002
Cost:  Reasonable
Appropriate Age:  Any age

At the corner of Travis and West Alabama, you can always find a long line of people waiting to get in to The Breakfast Klub.  I’ve driven by many times, but had never been brave enough to jump in  line, until today.  And I was so pleased to have stopped.

The restaurant hours are limited, open only until 2:00pm daily.  But we were in the neighborhood at 1:30 on Sunday, saw a short(ish) line and pulled over.  There is a small lot and plenty of street parking (which is free on Sundays).

We jumped in to line and were pleased to find out that the line is cut off at 2:00, but everyone in line before 2:00 is able to order and eat inside.  We did have to wait approximately 20 minutes in the line, but we felt like royalty with all the attention we were getting from the staff.


The sweetest hostess I ever met gave us a menu, explained how the process worked and helped us find the right food for our kids.  (There is no kids menu, but usually families use the a la carte menu.)  She was busy hugging regulars and making a big deal over the kids.  When we got to the door, the restaurant owner welcomed us in and thanked us for coming.

I had not yet tried the food, but I was pretty sure I already loved the place.

When we got to the front of the line, we ordered at the counter, took a number and found our own seat.   Note that you cannot order and be seated until everyone in your party is ready.  It’s strict, but for the people in the long line wrapping around the building, it’s fair.

Inside the restaurant is casual and busy.  There is enough noise to cover up a crying baby (James) and high chairs to make breakfast easy.  There is a self service drink, silverware and condiment station.  By the time I got the kids seated and filled a couple drinks, the food arrived.  It was FAST.

We had ordered the specialties.  Katfish, Grits, Eggs, Texas Toast, Wings and Waffle, and 2 Pankakes.

The pancakes were for the kids, and they covered an entire dinner plate.  The other meals were just as large.   Some might call the portions excessive, but we like having enough to share.  And this is exactly what we did.

All of the food was great, but my favorite was the Katfish.  If Brooke hadn’t been guarding it, I’d have eaten the whole thing.

I was really excited about The Breakfast Klub.  I’d be happy to stand in the long line again to be treated so well and to eat the food. The couple behind us in line drives in from Katy every Sunday after church.  EVERY Sunday!  But I can see why.

Throughout the meal and as we were leaving, we were greeted and thanked by the staff.  And it wasn’t a, “Thanks for coming”, it was a, “Hi Sweetheart!  Your kids are so cute.  How was your meal?  What can I get for the baby?” and more.

Breakfast Klub, we’ll see you again soon.  Maybe on Saturday to check out the 102.1 radio show.

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