Housman Pocket Park… Find the fire truck, monkey bars and unique play structures!

Address: 6705 Housman, Houston, TX 77055

There was a time when my little boy would wear a full fireman suit, every single day. School, play, family portraits… he wore the fireman suit. And four years before that, it was my other little boy doing the same thing.

We spent a whole lot of time Houston Fire Stations and Fire Truck Park, but I did not even know about Housman Pocket Park. Fun2Go Misters just found it for us!

This small park has a fire truck play structure… and traditional structures with some cool monkey bars and boulder wall and more.

Check out the pictures… and find more Houston fire trucks HERE!







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The Playground for All at Angel Park (aka Lindsay/Lyons Park)!

Address: 2310 Atascocita Road, Humble, TX 77396

Angel Park has something for everyone!  This big park, also known as Lindsay/Lyons Park, has ball fields, pavilions, walking trail and playgrounds.  And the play area includes an all-inclusive playground and rest room facility for children of all physical abilities!

Moms have been telling me about this park for years… and they were right… it’s a great place!  Fun2Go Misters took the pictures so everyone can see how cool it is!

The playground is on a rubber mat (so there is no mulch) and ramps let all kids use the equipment.  The playground also has some very unique features like ladder bridges, balance beam, boulders, slides, monkey bars, rings and more.

The play area also has a spider web, bucket swings and “chair” swings.  Just take a look at the pictures!






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Karl Young Park… Something for little kids, big kids and even really big kids.

Address: 7800 Stella Link Rd, Houston, TX 77025

It’s been years since we last wrote about Karl Young Park, so we went back, took new pictures and are pleased to report that the park is still awesome.

This park has a toddler play area, a big play area, a sandbox, jogging track, ball field, tennis court, tennis backboard, and a small basketball court.  Free parking is available on the street.

The space for little kids has a fun caterpillar tube and slides.  The space for big kids has some unique features like a spinning wheel, monkey bars, slides, a talking tube, a periscope, a small climbing wall, an unusual bridge and a set of hanging pendulums for the kids to walk across.

Near both sets of playground equipment are shaded pavilions with picnic tables and a shaded sandbox.

Also, if you go in the hot weather, and you are a YMCA citywide member, the Weekly YMCA’s pool is just down the street!

Check out the pictures!






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Everyone Can Play at the Mark Twain Spark Park

Address: 7500 Braes Blvd, Houston, TX 77025

Mark Twain Elementary is the one that got away.

We almost went to this school and I often think about the beautiful campus. Lucky for us, Mark Twain has a great Spark Park we can visit any time we want!

The Spark Park Program develops school parks into neighborhood parks as a way to increase green space in Houston. Mark Twain Spark Park gates open after school activities end and throughout weekends, holidays, and summer months for everyone to enjoy.

This park has a unique play structure with lots of “boulders” for climbing, spinner for spinning and ropes for crossing.

There is also a spider web, small basketball court and big turf yard for playing. (There is also a sign with an app to download and things to find around the park… but I wasn’t excited to give my kids my phone when we were there to play at a park!)

Take a look at the pictures below… And after you stop by the park, go right next door to the McGovern-Stella Link Neighborhood Library (when it reopens) and Helen’s Park!

(And don’t worry about our elementary school, we found another good one!)




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Pods, Lily Pads, Monkey Parks & Unique Features at the Shaded Doss Park Playground

Address: 2500 Frick Rd, Houston, TX 77038

I always ask parents for their favorite parks around Houston… and Doss Park often makes the list.

So, when Fun2Go Misters asked me for a new park to visit, I gave her the tip. See took the pictures and confirmed that it’s a great park!

Doss Park is a 33-acre park with an activity building, softball fields, tennis courts, pavilions, batting cages, picnic tables, barbecue grills, a playground, walking trails, and restroom facilities.

And the playground has some very unique features… plus ninja approved features. Check out this slide, the pods, the lily pads, the wheel monkey bars and all the things to climb in the shaded play area. And check out the traditional play structure (no under the cover).

We see a lot of playgrounds, and this one is not your usual play spot. See all the pictures below:









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West University Spark Park… Open to All After School Hours!

Address: 3756 University Blvd, Houston, TX 77005

Right across from our favorite Little Matt’s is the West University Spark Park!  We’ve written about it before… but it’s been remodeled and is even better!

The Spark Park Program develops school parks into neighborhood parks as a way to increase green space in Houston. West University Spark Park gates open after school activities end and throughout weekends, holidays, and summer months for everyone to enjoy.

This park has a cool new merry-go-round, swings, a spider web and a great play structure.  There are a couple of unique money bars… and these were a favorite with my ninjas.  Under the play areas is a rubber mat… so there are no bugs or mud.

Also, check out this “Friendship Bench” where kids can sit when they need someone to play with at recess.  Isn’t that cool?!


Parking is free on the street. I assume it fills up on school days or during baseball games (with the field next door), but when we visited, there was plenty available.

The West University Library (which requires a Harris County Library Card) is right around the corner. Stop by their kids area before leaving the area!

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Challenger Seven Memorial Park in Webster

Address: 2301 W Nasa Blvd, Webster, TX 77598

Challenger Seven Memorial Park is named in honor of the seven NASA astronauts who lost their lives in the explosion of the Challenger Space Shuttle. This giant park in Webster has a monument commemorating the heroes.

It also includes big picnic pavilions, picnic areas, several play structures, boardwalk, canoe launch and more.

We found the big green park on the map as we were driving to Galveston, so we pulled off I45 to explore. There is a lot to do… including pavilions you can rent with playgrounds right next door (which would be great for a party). We found a play area between the big pavilions, and there was a lot to do!

The kids ran between play structures and swings. It was a great play break on our way to the coast.

See the pictures below!







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Open to All: Northside Christian Church Park!

Address:  20250 Kuykendahl Rd, Spring, TX 77379

Every single time we drive by this playground, we get excited about the cool climbing structure… and then get disappointed when we realize it’s not a public park.

It tricked us again recently, but this time I looked up the Northside Christian Church Park website… and it’s open to the public seven days a week!

So this time we stopped to play!

Northside Christian Church Park has a beautiful campus with a playground, picnic tables, basketball courts, volleyball court, fishing pond and disc golf course.

When we stopped, a boy and his father were launching a rocket in the grass and big birds were enjoying the ponds.  My kids ran and played and decided to come back with a basketball and volleyball.

Check out the pictures below… and stop by next time you are in Spring!






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Play on the Bayou Themed Play Area… at Shady Lane Park & Splashpad!

Address: 10220 Shady Ln, Houston, TX 77093

Check out this park!

Shady Lane Park has a large, bayou-themed play area… complete with a concrete “waterway” leading from the sprayground to an outdoor classroom in the shape of a flat-bottomed bayou boat.  This park also has exercise gear, swing sets, slides, and climbing equipment.

Fun2Go Misters sent up these amazing pictures… and if you don’t follow their page, you should.  They find cool things around Houston, nearly every single day.


In addition to the awesome play structures, there is a giant alligator, community center, soccer fields and hiking/biking trail.

Check out the pictures below!









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Dragon and Phoenix Spark Park at the Mandarin Immersion Magnet School!

Address: 5445 W Alabama St, Houston, TX 77056

Just blocks from the Houston Galleria is a brand new Spark Park… the Dragon and Phoenix Spark Park at the Mandarin Immersion Magnet School!

Spark Parks are open to the public after school hours and on weekends and holidays… and this one is unique! This park has swings, bucket swings and ninja warrior style climbing structures.

You can start on one end and climb, scale and swing to the other side of the dragon. The phoenix has some spinning features and some slides… including the “broken slide” or “arm pit slide” (as named by the kids). This includes two bars you have to slide down!

The MIMS Spark Park is a cooperative venture of HISD and MIMS parents and has been a long time in the making.  They did a great job creating a unique and fun park!

Right now the park is in full sun… but the second phase of construction will add some shade and more equipment.

The park is fenced in and there is free parking in the lot.  (The lot is crazy during drop off and pick up, but there is space during other times.)  You won’t have access to the restrooms… but there is Subway across the side street.

Also, right behind the Mandarin School is the School at St. George Place Spark Park… so you have two parks to visit at one stop.  Plus, both schools have a dragon for a mascot… so you’ll see dragon play structures at both spots.

Check out the pictures below and visit next time you are in the Galleria!







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