Super Saturdays at the Downtown Aquarium – Buy One Get One Free Admission for September 2017

All summer long, the Downtown Aquarium has had Two for Tuesdays with Buy One Get One Free Admission.  Now they will have Super Saturdays in September! Just print out the coupon and get half-price access to everything at the Aquarium… the rides, the aquarium and the sting ray tank!  (In the past, you have been able to use multiple coupons and also pull it up on your phone.)

Here’s the trick…. You need THIS coupon.

The other trick is…  if you pull up on mobile, you must go to bottom and select “classic” to go to the desktop version. From there, select Houston, then 2 for Tuesday link should be second from left.

Houston Hurricane Harvey Resources… Flooding, School Closures, Power Outages and More

I know you know about Hurricane Harvey. To help you find the resources you need, find a round up of school closures, flooding, power outages and more below.

As I find more information, I’ll add it… and if you have questions or a resource to add, let us know!

Hurricane Harvey Resources:

Ninja Approved: Hometown Heroes Park and Pool in League City

Address: 1001 E League City Pkwy, League City, TX 77573

Hometown Heroes Park is ninja approved.

This League City Park has a pool, playground, community center and ball fields.  And the play structure is a long obstacle course that my kids scaled from one edge to the other.  Spider webs, floating steps and monkey bars… without touching the mulch.

Not only this, but we could also go inside the community center for air conditioning and restrooms… and on most days, we could also swim in the pool.

At the front desk, the staff was very friendly and told us the pool is closed on Fridays for maintenance, but most days is around $5 to swim (and non-residents are welcome).

We did not get to swim, but the pool is big and nice with a few fountain features.  We also saw the lifeguards setting up floating inflatables… so I bet it is a lot of fun!

Check out the pictures and decide if it’s a good park for you!



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Give Away: $100 to That Escape Place!

I told you about the best time we had at That Escape Place… The hour in the room was intense, entertaining and required a whole lot of problem solving and team work between siblings.

Well, we have another $100 gift card to That Escape Place to give away!  Just register below for a chance to win!

Update: The contest has been extended one week because of the storm!

Update: Congratulations to Preyanka!

Contest Ends: September 8, 2017
Official Contest Rules:

Nessler Park Family Aquatic Center in Texas City

Address: 1700 5th Ave N, Texas City, TX 77590

Not far from the Texas City Museum are giant waterslides and a beach entry pool at the Nessler Park Family Aquatic Center!

This pool is a lot like a the great pools found in The Woodlands, with 2 big slides (for kids 48″ and over), a small river, a beach entry pool and a water play structure for little kids.

Residents and non-residents can use the pool for a fee.

We went on a weekday afternoon and found lots of shaded seating and plenty of room to play.  (Check before you go, because at the end of the summer, hours change to weekends only.)

I had never been here, so I wasn’t sure what to expect… but the equipment was very new and nice, the locker rooms were clean, the patrons were nice and all the kids looked to be supervised.  One lifeguard was a little moody at the end of the big slides… but it did not seem to be an issue with the whole group.

The pool closed for about 20 minutes due to lightning, but we got back in afterwards.

No outside food is allowed but there is a reasonably priced concession stand.  Also, there are lockers for a quarter… but I couldn’t get mine to work.  Still, it worked out fine and I could watch my bag from the table and poolside.

Our visit to the Nessler Aquatic Center was like a mini waterpark… but for only $18 total for the family.  It’s obviously not Schlitterbahn, but we weren’t looking for a big waterpark experience!

If you are near Texas City, check it out!

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Kids Rule at Discovery Green! Toddler Tuesdays, Now through October 31, 2017, 10:30am

Toddler Tuesdays will soon be at Discovery Green…  September 5-October 31, 2017.  Every Tuesday at 10:30am, parents and kids enjoy a free story time and activities with their favorite characters.

If your little kids want to rule the park, this is what you need to know:

1.  Every Tuesday from September 5 through October 31, 2017, be at Discovery Green at 10:30am. The themes, character visits and activities change each week!

2.  Want to be a VIP?  Each week, two families will win VIP Meet-and-Greet Access (for the entire Fall 2017 Season!), Discovery Green shirt and special gifts!  You must enter to win the VIP prize for each Toddler Tuesday.  Just click HERE!

3.  Want to update your home library?  Each week at Discovery Green, we have a book swap.  Bring a lightly used book and swap it for a new one!

4.  Need a lunch spot for after Toddler Tuesday?  Check out these kid friendly restaurants within walking distance of the downtown park, HERE.

The Really Big Tide & Lots of Shells at Texas City Dike

What in the world is the Texas City Dike and why is there a sign off I45?

I’ve been asking this on every trip to Galveston, so we went to find out.

Well, now I know that the Texas City Dike was built to protect the Texas City Channel from cross currents. It’s over 5 miles and has boat ramps, picnic shelters and beach.

We went on a weekday afternoon and just drove up, paid $5 for our day pass (because we are not Texas City residents) and asked for some tips.

We learned that the beach is at about mile 3, not to park too close to the water if we drove on the beach… and when we went, we were told there were a lot of jellyfish.

As we drove out, we saw a whole bunch of boats, a whole bunch of fishermen and, in the distance, a lot of cargo ships.

At about mile 4, we pulled on to the beach with just a few other cars. Here we found a lot of room to play and a whole to of shells (and a crab!) for our favorite Swap Shop!

We did not plan to swim because of the jelly fish, but there were other families splashing in the water. And as we were digging a giant hole and ignoring the water, the wildest thing happened… and my kids have been talking about it for days.

As we were digging and the baby was crawling, we heard the people next door squealing and a big wave crashing. We turned around to see the tide rushing up to us.

We were parked at least 20 feet from the wet sand, but the tide came well past the car. I had been able to grab the baby and get the kids out of the way… but it was memorable!

Just before this happened, two cargo ships were passing, so I suspect this had something to do with the tide. (And if you know, tell me!)

After this, we moved the car to the very farthest point from the water and went back to look for shells… and found a ton. (But there were also new jelly fish on the beach, so we wore shoes and stuck together.)

We did not stay more than an hour, but the kids have been talking about that tide ever since. If we went back, I would park far far away from the water and stay on the sand. It was a fun place for finding shells and the Texas City Museum is very close by!

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I Really Like the Texas City Museum

Address: 409 6th St. North, Texas City, TX 77590

This is the museum visit we keep on talking about.

It’s a small place but we learned a whole lot at the Texas City Museum.  The admission fee is small ($5 for adults, $2 for kids over 6), there is a fun kids room and an amazing model train display… but I really keep thinking about the port and the 1947 disaster.

Just from watching the movie and touring the main floor, I got a really good appreciation for how big the Port of Texas City is, how much traffic comes through each day and just how dangerous it can be.

I saw a giant piece of shrapnel from the 1947 explosion of a ship carrying ammonium nitrate.  This explosion shattered windows all the way in Houston, flattened buildings in Texas City, caused a 15 foot tidal wave that flooded area and killed 600 people.

Seeing the artifacts, pictures and videos gave me a real respect for the people that work in the Houston area ports each day.

I should also mention that as visceral as my reaction was to the disaster, the display was not so overwhelming that my kids were scared. They just toured and were interested, but spend the majority of their time in the Children’s Discovery Room.

This room as quite big with interactive displays and lots of games to play.

There is also The Galveston County Model Railroad Club Exhibit… which is only open on Saturdays… but we were lucky enough to get a sneak peak because some maintenance was being done.

Now, I would not have predicted this 15 years ago, but I’ve become somewhat of a model train aficionado. I don’t claim to know a ton about the hobby, but with my kids and my father-in-law, I have toured a whole lot of model train displays in all the cities we’ve visited.

Well, I can tell you that the one at the Texas City Museum is really really well done. The detail is amazing, the scale of all the buildings is spot on and there is so much to observe in every single square foot of this display. I mean, at first you see the train, and then you see the houses, and then you see the kids actually swinging next to the house and then you notice that super man is flying over the city… and that is just a tiny part of it.

It’s a great train display and I recommend going, pushing the interactive buttons and then looking really close at each part of the display.

Actually, I recommend the entire museum.  If you are headed south towards Galveston, check out the Texas City Museum!

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Save 50% on Tickets to Splashway Waterpark!

Good News! I just told you about how much fun we had at Splashway… and now you can save 50% on tickets. If you bring in school supplies, you can receive 50% off up to 4 tickets.  (The items they need are listed.) Get all the details HERE!

And to hear about all the deals, join the free Ray Club!

Be the Talk of the Neighborhood with BoMoSo Party Castle!

Ohhhhhhh, we were the talk of the neighborhood! BoMoSo gave us this AIR CONDITIONED castle for the weekend.

It was dropped off in the morning and the kids could not believe this castle with bunks and television was for them.  They ran in and out and around and then disappeared for hours.  See the videos of the inside HERE!

The castle was so cool that my boys were fine with the castle theme, but it looks like football and other themes are in the works.

If you are planning a party or special event, learn all about these trailers on BoMoSo.

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