What can little kids do to help with the Harvey flood recovery around Houston?

Harvey was terrible but it certainly has shown the good in the people of Houston.  Neighbors are helping neighbors all over the city… but the question I am getting frequently is… how can little kids help?

Helping de-muck houses is dirty (and even dangerous) and many groups require kids to be a little bit older.

So, what can kids do to help with the recovery?  I have some ideas below… but need your help adding to it!

  • Books Between Kids:  Kids 5+ can help in the warehouse.  All ages can collect book donations from their neighbors.
  • Houston Food Bank:  Kids 6+ can help in the warehouse.  All ages can collect food and cleaning supplies from their neighbors.
  • Food for First Responders:  All ages can buy groceries or lunch for their local fire station or police station.  Just bring it by!  (Ideas: Gatorade, Water, Bread, Sandwich Supplies, Pizzas…)
  • Supplies for Flooded Neighborhoods:  All ages can hand out supplies in neighborhoods that flooded.  Cleaning out houses is messy, hard work.  Fill the car with a cooler of drinks or snacks or Chick-Fil-A or Heavy Duty Trashbags or Work Gloves or Face Masks or… and hand them out as your see families working.

What else can little kids (including those 6 and under) to help with Harvey recovery?  Thanks!

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