There is so much to do at Jaycee Park!

Address: 1300 Seamist Dr, Houston, TX 77008

Jaycee Park has long been one of our favorite parks… but looking at our past post, I see my kids were teeny tiny and it was time to write another. So off we went to this Heights-area park.

In a very Houston-like way, Jaycee Park is surrounded by industrial warehouses on one side and a nice residential neighborhood on the other. The park that connects them is big, green, and full of things to do… and free parallel parking is available.

The are swings, a playground, jogging trail, tennis court, basketball court, baseball field and small splashpad. Many of the features are very unique and can keep you busy for a long time. And since Houston is still super hot, the splashpad looked to be the most favorite.

Over at the playground, there are the usual slides and ladders… but there are also loops for scaling across the play structure, music stations, a rope bridge, curving rock wall, spring-loaded seesaws, a bumpy slide, a fireman pole, a stand-up swing that you go around and around on… and that’s just the start of it.

The stand up seesaw is a little wild… and as my friend was telling me her son was thrown off… my 6 year old also hit the ground. It looks harmless… but if you are on top and someone jumps off, you can squish your legs or loose your grip. My big kids loved it… but consider yourself warned!

If you are looking for a big park with lots to do… and equipment you don’t see everywhere… check out Jaycee Park!



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