I’m not the only mom that recommends Dr. Carlos Ramos at OGA Houston.

This summer I ran into a pregnant mom at the library. She said she saw my post last year and switch to Dr. Ramos at Obstetrical & Gynecological Associates, next to The Woman’s Hospital of Texas, in the Medical Center.

She said she was not sure she’d see the same level of care as a new patient… but guess what? She was equally as pleased.

Just like me…

  • She sees Dr. Ramos every single visit (not another doctor or an assistant).
  • She gets quick ultrasounds every single visit (in the office, not in another lab).
  • She has the direct phone and email access to the doctor. (And gets answers to all her questions!)
  • Her appointments are on time.

And when her baby turns one years old, I bet she will get a Happy Birthday phone call as well.

Read the original post HERE… and if you want my recommendation for a doctor, learn about Dr. Ramos HERE.

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