Time for a Skin Check at Mosaic Dermatology Houston

I did not use enough sunscreen as a teenager. Instead I used baby oil and lemon juice while I lounged poolside.

This led to three progressively bigger surgeries on my back and a nagging concern about skin cancer. From the research I’ve done since, I know that skin cancers removed early are usually curable, but they can be hard to spot on the back and they rarely hurt.

So while a self examination is great, I need to schedule my annual skin check with the dermatologist… especially after spending the last 3 months under the bright Houston sun.

At our sponsor, Mosaic Dermatology Houston, the physicians are trained at UT-Houston and MD Anderson Cancer Center. They have extensive Dermatology experience that includes preforming detailed skin checks where they examine moles, wrinkles, and all aging skin.

AND you can see a male or female doctor and get next day appointments.  Plus HERE are hundreds of 5 Star Reviews from verified patients!

If you also want to be proactive with your skin care, contact Mosaic Dermatology Houston online or by calling 281-941-5556.

Also, as not to repeat my mistakes from the 90’s, you can order antioxidant sunscreen right from the online store!  Get the sunscreen with an extra splash of anti-oxidant Vitamin C, HERE!

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