Rodeo Houston 2017: Things to Do with Kids, Entertainment, How to Beat the Crowds & Save Money

Rodeo Houston Small Yall Barn
I love when Houston starts buzzing with Rodeo Houston excitement!  Whether you go for the rodeo, the concert, the livestock show, the carnival, the food or the shopping… here are the the insider tips we’ve collected over the years!

As we get updates on any 2017 changes, we’ll post them.  If you have updates, let us know!  (And for everything to do in Houston, with kids, in March, go HERE!)

  • 2017 Dates:  Rodeo Houston – March 7-26, 2017
  • Where to Watch Trail Riders on Friday, March 3
  • Insider Tips: Where to park, where to find the least busy attractions, where to find the best deals and where to find the best restrooms!
  • The Best Deals on Food at Rodeo Houston:  You can get a hotdog for $3.00… and also a bottle of water for $4.00.  See the eating overview HERE.
  • How BKSC does the Rodeo (daily), without spending a fortune: Here’s our past review of the Rodeo… Season Pass, Value Wednesday, Cheap Transportation, Lots of Free Activities and the Most Reasonable Refreshment at Rodeo.
  • Indoor Activities: The rain keeps the crowds away… so go see THESE indoor activities on wet days!
  • Free Activities: Once inside the gates, there are A LOT of free things to do with kids!
  • General Admission: You only need one ticket… Either a concert ticket or general admission ticket.  So, if you are attending the concert, do not buy these general admission tickets. Adult (Ages 13 & over): $10, Child (Ages 3 – 12): $5
  • Season Pass: If you plan to go several times, check out the season pass for general admission.  This is $25 for anyone older than 2 years old and is good for general admission for all 3 weeks.
  • Value Wednesday: Save money by going on Wednesdays!  $10 Value Wednesday Rodeo/Concert Ticket (includes NRG Park admission), $5 Value Wednesday NRG Park General Admission, Free Value Wednesday NRG Park Admission (for seniors, 60 and over, and children, 12 and under).  On Wednesday, kids carnival rides are $2.00.  (The tickets at the rodeo are $0.50 each. On value Wednesdays, the discounted (kids) rides will be changed to “4 tickets” – presale tickets and/or onsite tickets.)
  • Half-Price Carnival TicketsIf you plan to go crazy on the rides, this can get expensive.  Pre-order carnival tickets for half price!
    • If you have questions about half-price tickets or would like to purchase them, contact Rodeo Houston Volunteer, Cathy, at Herricane05 or go HERE.
  • METRORail:  METRORail is only $1.25 and free for kids 5 and under.  This is a lot cheaper than parking at NRG, and, my favorite part is, it drops you off right at the front door of NRG!
  • Entertainment Lineup: The rodeo takes place right before the concert… and strollers are allowed!
  • If you are planning to take kids, here are our tips and tricks…. including how to get there, how to beat the crowds and how to save money.  See the video HERE or below:


  1. We are considering taking the Metrorail redline to NRG. Is that the one that drops you at the front door?

  2. Kara Walker says:

    Where would you suggest parking to get on the metrorail for the redline? We are going to the Rodeo in the morning time, so hopefully will avoid the night time concert crowd.

  3. Do you know of anyone who used the Fannin South Lot today to ride MetroRail? Any confirmation if parking is $3 during the morning hours or if the $20 special event price applies all day long? Looking at going first thing in the morning this week.

  4. Patricia Rodriguez says:

    I have a question i bought tickets for the corcert. Are the tickets the samw price for the adult or can i take my kid with me to the concert

    • Jill Jarvis says:

      Patricia –

      All the concert tickets are the same… so use them for adults or kids. Also, you will NOT need general admission tickets if you have concert tickets. Just show the concert ticket at the gate.

      Have fun!

  5. Elena Bollman says:

    Great advice, we are first timers from Costa Rica and I have a Toddler that will enjoy a lot this weekend at the rodeo!

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