City of Houston 311

Have you ever called 311 to request a service from the city? We’ve called it to report water leaks and other issues.  Now there is an online tool for filing and tracking the requests. 

From the city:
The City of Houston has launched a redesigned Houston 311 Help & Info WEBSITE. The new customer friendly website is easy to use. Users can place more than 100 Service Requests online, and more are being added every day. Additional information is just a click away. While citizens may still call Houston 311 Help & Info, submitting requests online is much faster and can be done anytime — day or night, weekday or weekend. visitors will find City services organized by functional area. The site features an index of City services, conveniently located on the left-hand side of the home page, where service information can be located under several logical headings. For example, a site visitor that would like to learn more about dog parks could search the index entries under “A” for animals, “D” for dogs, or “P” for parks.

Houston residents can familiarize themselves with the new by clicking on “How to Use This Site” link on the left-hand side of the home page. For more information, email