Young Scholars Academy Spark Park – Visiting Houston’s Parks, One Week at a Time

Address: 1809 Louisiana Street, Houston, Texas 77002 (Park access is at back on Milam Street.)

Cost: Free

Appropriate Age: Any age

Playground at Young Scholars Spark Park
The Young Scholars Academy is a Charter School in Downtown Houston.  For years I have passed by the small park on Milam and wondered if we could visit.  It is a Spark Park, which means it has been developed as a neighborhood park, for the neighborhood to use when school is not in session.

Wheels at Young Scholars Spark Park
The problem was, every time we drove by on the weekend, the park was empty and the gate was closed.  For some reason, this discouraged me and we just kept on going.  But last weekend I drove by and remembered that I know what Spark Parks are and I know how to check if gates are locked.  So we finally stopped.

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