See the brand new Ware Park in Bellaire!

Address: 6200 W Loop S, Bellaire, TX 77401

We go to Houston area parks almost every day… but rarely do we find one that makes me think I just MUST bring back the big kids after school.

Bellaire’s Ware Park has just been renovated… and it’s one of these parks!

The park is just a small strip of land… but the equipment is great! There are things here that I haven’t seen anywhere else… like the spinning swings (or reverse merry-go-round or…)! Plus there are rock walls and lily pads and slides and unique ladders and bars. Just look at the video:

There is a play structure for toddlers and plenty to do for big kids. The space is small… but there are so many cool things to do!

Just a few things to know before you go…

The park is located right next to 610 in Bellaire. It is fully fenced off and blocked by bushes, but the highway is noisy!

Parking is free on the street. No restrooms are available (but Feld Park, Evelyn’s Park and Nature Discovery Center are close… and all have restrooms!).








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See the renovated park HERE!

Big Playstructure at Ware Family Park
Address: Jaquet at Elm Street, Bellaire, Texas

Ware Family Park is a small strip of land, just off 610, in Bellaire. The space packs in some great equipment in the small space.

The park is easy to get to, just take the 610 access road and turn right, just before Bissonnet, on Elm. Another quick right and you are there.

From the park, you cannot see the frontage road through the tall bushes, but you can hear it.  It is very very loud.

Ware Family Park1
On the other side of the street are houses. Some are the original Bellaire houses and some have been rebuilt recently. It is a nice neighborhood and there is plenty of traffic on Elm Street, making it feel safe.

I am glad this space was used for a park and not just left empty. My 2 year old thought nearby highway was an added bonus, with plenty of trucks to tell me about.

Climbing by the highway at Ware Family Park
The park has 2 play structures and 2 swing sets. The bigger play area had a lot of the same features as Feld Park (also in Bellaire). There is a zipline, bouncer, fireman’s pole and slides. There is also a fun ladder to climb.

There are both big kid and baby swings and the equipment is new and well maintained.  There are no restrooms.

This park isn’t the same kind of “destination” as the Fire Truck Park, but it is a fun place to play. The highway makes it noisy, but also easy to get to.

Highway next to Ware Family Park
If you are driving along 610 and need to let the little ones run for a while, swing by Ware Family Park at Elm and Jaquet.  You won’t see the park from the frontage road, but with just 2 right turns, you will be there!

See the renovated park HERE!