A Great Park & Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course at Tom Bass Regional Park!

Address: 3452 Fellows Rd, Houston, TX 77047

Tom Bass Park is a good park!

We’ve told you about the awesome Ninja Warrior Playground… but that’s just a small part of this park.

Tom Bass Park has three sections, with several playgrounds, picnic areas, trails, fishing and sports fields. There is also a public golf course and a performance pavilion.  (Erlinda first told us about this park… so thank you Erlinda!)

See the video below (or HERE)!

Tom Bass Park has three sections. Section I and II are big and seem to be a little less busy… but with good playgrounds and picnic spots. Section III is busier with the Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course and traditional playgrounds. Plus there is a trail around the water and spots to fish.

This park has free parking and restrooms.

Look at the pictures below!








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Run the Ninja Warrior Course… Tom Bass Park, Section 3, NFL Challenge Course

Address: Tom Bass Park, Section 3, 15108 Cullen Boulevard, Houston, Texas 77047

Now this is AWESOME!

Tom Bass Park started out as a really good Pearland park… but with the addition of the Challenge Course, it is AMAZING.

This permanent and public outdoor playground is a NFL themed ninja warrior course with 11 obstacles… complete with the timer button at the end. We go from Houston park to Houston park, making playgrounds into ninja courses… but Tom Bass Park actually has a ninja course!

In addition to the ninja course, you can race your friends at the 40 yard dash… and have it timed just by standing on the starting line.

So we raced and competed and were completely hot and tried when we finished our afternoon at the park. Tom Bass has several playgrounds, and most seem to be shaded… but the ninja course is currently in full sun. (I hope it will be covered someday… but have not information on this!)

We were way too tired to visit more of the park on this visit… but check out our past review HERE. It’s a great big place to play!

When you go, be sure to go to SECTION 3 of the park. (We spent a lot of time circling section 1 and 2 before we found it!)

This is an AMAZING playground for little ninjas. And according to KHOU, there are plans to install similar courses throughout Harris County Precinct 1!




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Tom Bass Park – Visit Houston Area Parks, One Week at a Time!

Each week BigKidSmallCity shares a Houston area park with a review and pictures. This week’s post is done by Erlinda Shen and includes a review, pictures and video!

Address: 3452 Fellows Rd, Houston, TX 77047

Tom Bass Parks I and III have two massive parks in Pearland near Cullen Blvd. They are lush with trees, grass and rolling hills. Each one is dotted with covered playgrounds for the kids and exercise stations for the adults. Though they are both next to each other, these gorgeous parks have personalities all their own.

Tom Bass I park is perfect for quiet walks with toddlers, or simply a stroll along the wooden bridges and paved paths. This park features a massive dog park, complete with doggie drinking fountains, entrances for larger dogs and obstacle courses.

Tom Bass Park I Playground
The rest of the park is picturesque – lots of trees, soft breezes and not a lot of people slows down the pace at this park. There is a large-ish play park close to one of the parking lots.

Tom Bass Park I Dog Park
One thing you can’t miss is the cool footbridge that wraps around, goes up a small hill and ends in a little pavilion at the top of the hill. Families have been spotted picnicking in the shade, enjoying the weather.

Tom Bass Park I
Nearby are a lot of swings, both bench swings and playground swings.

This park has quite a bit of parking available, so it’s usually easy to find a spot.


While Tom Bass I is slower paced, Tom Bass III sees busier traffic, both foot and vehicle traffic.

Tom Bass III features a lake, ringed by a paved path. Complete with mile markers, it is a popular with runners and walkers.

Tom Bass Park III Image 1
Tom Bass III also features a lot of playgrounds, including one large covered one that is whimsical and fun for the kids. Nearby, people work out by running up and down the hill, or they use the outdoor gym equipment available to the public.

Tom Bass Park III Image 2

Tom Bass Park III Image 3

Tom Bass Park III Image 4

The gym equipment has more features and some are covered! Great for getting out of the burning sun. There are quite a few BBQ pits and bathrooms.

Tom Bass Park III Image 5

Picnic tables and a small beach volleyball court make a nice park to visit for parties or get-togethers with other families.

Tom Bass I and III are next to each other, but you will have to drive out of one park to reach the other. Most people like to visit one or the other. Both are great places for families to hang out, and I love bringing my kids to these parks!

About the Author:
Erlinda Shen is a Houston-based blogger and mother of two young children. You can see more great pictures and videos of Houston on her blog at ErlindaShen.com.

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