Sesquicentennial Park along Buffalo Bayou in Downtown Houston – Visiting Houston’s Parks, One Week at a Time

Address:  400 Texas Street, Houston, Texas 77006

Cost: Free

Appropriate Age: Any age

Sesquicentenial Park Houston Texas
 Sesquicentennial Park on Buffalo Bayou in Downtown Houston was created to commemorate Houston’s 150th birthday in 1986. It runs along the bayou, in the theater district and is a great place to explore. It is steps away from the theaters and skyscrapers but feels completely different than the rest of Downtown.

Sesquicentennial Park is a long thin park that stretches along the water.  You can access it from many points, but the easiest may be from Preston Street.  On the Wortham Center side of the bridge, which crosses the bayou, you will see the a statue of James Baker III and big hill leading to the bayou.  Here is a nice ramp that you can easily push a  stroller down.

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