You have to see the rock slide at Judson Park!

Address: 4201 Judson Ave, West University Place, TX 77005

Attention little rock climbers… there is only one way up this slide at  Judson Park… and it’s not on a ladder!

This West University Park does not have a ton of equipment, but it does have a giant bolder slide… making it a super awesome park (according to my kids).

The park also has a toddler playground, tennis court and lots of room to run.

We did review this park years ago… but with older rock climbers in my family, we had to go back.

There are 2 fenced off sections in this park.  One area is for children 2-5 years old and the other is for older kids.  In between is a big grassy area for games and picnics.

The small playground has a little play structure, house and tunnel.  It’s on turf and it’s perfect for the little kids.

The big playground is in a separate area and only has a few pieces of equipment… including a spinner, swings, monkey bars and awesome slide.

This park has lots of trees and is in the middle of a nice neighborhood right by Buffalo Grille.  Check out the pictures below!



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Judson Park West University Rock Slide
UPDATE:  See the UPDATED review HERE!

Address:   4242 South Judson Street, Houston, Texas

The Houston park of the week is Judson Park in West University!  It has a tennis court, little kid playground, a big kid playground and a lot of green space to run through.

Judson Park West Universtiy Picnic Area
Judson Park happens to be the park that Felicia found, and then lost, and then explained to me that it had moved like Howl’s castle.  We found ourselves a West University resident that helped us find it again.

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