Raising Readers: Houston Public Library Express at Discovery Green

Discovery Green Library
Address:  1500 McKinney, Houston, Texas 77010
Hours: Friday & Saturday – 12:00-5:00pm, Sunday – 1:00-5:00pm

Did you know that Discovery Green has their very own Houston Public Library onsite?  You can use your HPL card and check out books just like any other Houston Library.  I think that is pretty awesome.

Discovery Green Library Inside
This small library has a small selection and indoor and outdoor space for reading.  It is also home to the free Young Writers Workshop held each Saturday morning.

The hours are limited to Friday to Sunday, but overlap with tons of great Discovery Green events.  Next time you are there on a weekend, stop in this library.  Anything you check out can be returned to any Houston Public Library.


What You Don’t Know about Discovery Green! 5 Things that May Surprise You!

Flowers and Hill at Discovery Green
Location:  1500 McKinney, Houston, Texas 77010
Appropriate Age: All Ages!

Each week we review a new Houston park.  You’ve probably visited Downtown’s Discovery Green, but here are 5 things you may not have known!

1.  Not only is there a playground, but there is a splashpad, misting tree, putting green, shuffleboard, reading room and library, listening vessels, stages, model boats, kayaks, ice skating, restaurants and lots of art!  Go HERE to see what you may have missed!

Splashpad at Discovery Green
2.  There is a lot, I mean A LOT, to do.  If you head to Discovery Green, chances are, there is an event going on.  I monitor calendars for many Houston venues, and this one might just be the best.  And almost everything going on at Discovery Green is free!  Take a look at the calendar HERE!

Sculpture at Discovery Green
3.  You can be on the Discovery Green team!  You can volunteer at many of Discovery Green’s events.

4.  Discovery Green is, in fact, “Green”!  The roofs are fitted with solar panels, the groundwater is recycled to fill Kinder Lake, a dozen mature trees were planted during construction and the buildings were designed to maximize the daylight.  To learn all about the design, go HERE.

5.  Before 2008 ago, Discovery Green was a parking lot.  Redeveloping this land made Downtown Houston a place for families and not just business men and women.  Read more about the history HERE!