See the brand new Ware Park in Bellaire!

Address: 6200 W Loop S, Bellaire, TX 77401

We go to Houston area parks almost every day… but rarely do we find one that makes me think I just MUST bring back the big kids after school.

Bellaire’s Ware Park has just been renovated… and it’s one of these parks!

The park is just a small strip of land… but the equipment is great! There are things here that I haven’t seen anywhere else… like the spinning swings (or reverse merry-go-round or…)! Plus there are rock walls and lily pads and slides and unique ladders and bars. Just look at the video:

There is a play structure for toddlers and plenty to do for big kids. The space is small… but there are so many cool things to do!

Just a few things to know before you go…

The park is located right next to 610 in Bellaire. It is fully fenced off and blocked by bushes, but the highway is noisy!

Parking is free on the street. No restrooms are available (but Feld Park, Evelyn’s Park and Nature Discovery Center are close… and all have restrooms!).








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Fleming Park… Giant oak trees, pebbles on the ground and old-school wooden equipment!

Address: 1901 Sunset Blvd, Houston, TX 77005

Giant oak trees, pebbles on the ground and old-school wooden equipment… Fleming Park is one of my favorite parks!

Most parks around Houston now have brightly colored plastic equipment… but Fleming Park reminds me of my childhood and the playground at my elementary school.

Fleming Park has a big play structure, a toddler play structure, a swing set, a newer toddler swing set and cowboy themed monkey bars.
There are three different kinds of animal spring riders and two small stationary horses for little kids.

Across the lawn there are pull-up bars, tennis courts and areas for basketball and baseball.  Plus there are picnic tables scattered throughout the park.

This park is very popular and it is rarely empty.  On the weekends and after school, it is full of families.

Parking is free on the street, just check the signs before you leave your car.

Also know that there are no restrooms and that the metal slides can get hot in Houston!

This park is very busy close to the museum district and Rice University… so make a  day of it!





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Just look at Roberts Spark Park!

Address: 6000 Greenbriar Dr, Houston, TX 77030

What at school playground!  Roberts Spark Park is great!

The Spark Park Program develops school parks into neighborhood parks as a way to increase green space in Houston. Roberts Spark Park gates open after school activities end and throughout weekends, holidays, and summer months for everyone to enjoy.

(Or watch the video, HERE!)
The park has a big spiderweb, a rope obstacle course, swings, bouncy balance beam, traditional (but really good) play structure and a little kid area.  Plus there is a basketball court, gaga ball court, sports field and disk golf.

This park is probably the busiest Spark Park park I’ve seen…  with families playing and riding bikes and playing ball during the weekends.

The park is fenced in and there is free street parking (but not on Greenbriar).  Just check the signs before you leave your car.

There are no restrooms but a bunch of restrooms are nearby on Holcombe.






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A Great Park & Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course at Tom Bass Regional Park!

Address: 3452 Fellows Rd, Houston, TX 77047

Tom Bass Park is a good park!

We’ve told you about the awesome Ninja Warrior Playground… but that’s just a small part of this park.

Tom Bass Park has three sections, with several playgrounds, picnic areas, trails, fishing and sports fields. There is also a public golf course and a performance pavilion.  (Erlinda first told us about this park… so thank you Erlinda!)

See the video below (or HERE)!

Tom Bass Park has three sections. Section I and II are big and seem to be a little less busy… but with good playgrounds and picnic spots. Section III is busier with the Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course and traditional playgrounds. Plus there is a trail around the water and spots to fish.

This park has free parking and restrooms.

Look at the pictures below!








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Go Visit Deputy Darren Goforth Park on Horsepen Creek

Address: 9118 Wheat Cross Dr, Houston, TX 77095

I keep a list of parent recommended parks… and Deputy Darren Goforth Park has been on it for a long time. We just went, and now I know why parents like this big Cypress area park!

There are 188 acres with a trail around Horsepen Creek. You can exercise, fish, play or bring your dog.

(Or watch the video HERE.)
This big park has two entrances (and everything connects by sidewalk). If you want to get to the dog park, the entrance is on Barker Cypress. If you want to go to the playground, the entrance is on West/Wheat Grass.

The play area is a good one… with a play structure for big kids, a play structure for toddlers and a big spiderweb for kids like mine! The play area is fenced off from the water and is surrounded by picnic tables (some covered) and a sidewalk. A lot of kids had their bikes, roller skates and remote controlled cars on the sidewalks by the playground!

Across the water, the dog park has obstacle course equipment and opens up to the water for dogs to play.

The park was busy on the weekend we visited and the restrooms were open. (The restrooms are pretty basic, with metal toilets and no soap for hands… but still better than a portapotty. Just bring sanitizer!)

With all the foot traffic, the park seemed safe and fun. I also hear there is a regular police patrol and that at dusk, the park closes and everyone must leave.

This is a very good Cypress area park and I recommend you add it to your “must visit list” too!






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Fire Truck Park in Southside… a playground for big kids & a fire truck for toddlers!

Address: 3743 Garnet Street, Houston, TX 77005

Fire Truck Park in Southside is one of our very favorite parks!

Not only is there a fire truck play structure for toddlers, but there is unique big structure for the big kids. And it’s completely fenced in with a little rock “boulders”, spinners, tire swing and more!

This park is pretty small in size and easy to watch… but my big kids and little kids all like to go here. They can run between the equipment and stop for a snack at the covered picnic tables.  I can follow the toddler and know the bigger kids are close by.

Plus, when we leave we can go to Little Matt’s or play at the other spots around West University!

Look at the pictures!




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Play at Marrs-Satsuma Pocket Park!

Address:  11305 Marrs Drive, Houston, Texas 77065

Another week, another park! This week’s park is Marrs-Satsuma Pocket Park from Fun2Go Misters!

This little park has a lot to do for little kids… and some good monkey bars and equipment for the bigger kids. Check out the video:

There is free parking around the park. Note that there is no restroom.

Also, closeby is Barwood Park that is only for residents… but this one is a Harris County park and is open to all.





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Clear Lake Park… One of the Best Parks in the Houston Area!

Address: 5001 E NASA Pkwy, Seabrook, TX 77586

This has to be one of the Houston area’s best parks!

Just down the road from Space Center Houston is Clear Lake Park. This huge park is right on the water and has four big playgrounds (with amazing equipment), a splashpad, picnic pavilions, sports fields, a museum and more!

On the south side of the park is the splashpad and two giant playgrounds… with so much equipement that all ages can find something to do. And it is so unique!

There are monkey bars and wheels and nets for the ninjas and little structures for the little kids. One side also has ramps for kids of all abilities.

Maybe the most unusual thing was the net the was on hinges… so it swayed as the kids climbed it!

This side of the park also has a giant ship structure, a dragon, an alligator lillipad and more. There is something cool every where you look.

The only trick is that with all the equipment, it’s a little difficult to supervise, so you need to follow around little kids rather than sit and watch.

On the north side is a very good ninja-worthy play structure, a toddler play structure, an outdoor exercise center, the Bay Area Museum and lots of ball fields. This side is quieter (except on game days) but still has a lot of places to play!

We had not been to this park for a while, and I had forgot just how fun it was. It’s beautiful on the water and all my kids (11, 9, 7 and 2) loved playing.

The equipment is in great condition and there are restrooms (but we did not use them).

There is a busy road between the two sides of the park, so we drove between them. We also drove by the museum (but did not go in) and read that there is an ancient Indian burial ground believed to be ancestors to the Akokisa Indians somewhere nearby in the park (but did not go).

There is just a little shade on the playgrounds… so bring your sunscreen and hats!

This park is really quite great. Check out all the pictures!












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Run at Moritz Pech Park!

Address: 1493 1/2 Moritz Dr, Houston, TX 77055

Another park brought to us by Fun2Go Misters… This week’s park is Moritz Pech Park!

This park has a little trail (.22 miles), picnic tables, free parking spots and a playground. There are a couple small playstructures and a couple swings.

This park is good for little kids and for families looking for a monkey bars and a place to run.

Look at the pictures!



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Play at Paul D. Rushing Park!

Address: 9114 Katy Hockley Rd, Katy, TX 77493

Close by John Paul Landing Park is Paul D. Rushing Park!

This park has playgrounds, trails, fishing, pavilion and dog park.  Check out the pictures from Fun2Go Misters!

The playground is not huge… but there is a lot of space at the park and bigger, newer equipment can be found at John Paul Landing.




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