Go to the Movie Theater for $1 Kids Movies, All Summer Long!

Brooke at Main Street Theater
This summer, WEDNESDAY is the day to go to the movies. Each week, participating Cinemark Theatres are showing kids movies for just $1! These include Penguins, Diary of a Wimp Kid, Night at the Museum, Dolphin Tale, Rio 2, Nut Job… each theater varies, and some have extra dollar days, so go HERE to get all the details.  Adults are also $1 per movie!

Theaters Include:
Houston, Memorial City Mall Cinemark Theatre
Houston, Cinemark Tinseltown 290 & XD
Cypress, Cinemark 12 Cypress & XD
Katy, Cinemark 19 & XD
Pasadena, Cinemark Hollywood Movies 20
Cinemark Tinseltown 290 and XD
Pearland, Cinemark at Pearland & XD
Spring, Cinemark Spring-Klein & XD
Texas City, Cinemark Movies 12
The Woodlands, Cinemark at Market Street
The Woodlands, Cinemark Tinseltown 17 & XD
Webster, Cinemark 18 & XD


Frankenweenie – Scary for 1 Kid, Entertaining for Another

Frankenweenie is out now for the Halloween season. It’s a black-and-white stop motion-animated film, directed by Tim Burton. In the movie, Victor’s best friend (and dog) is brought back to life with science.



I took my 2 big kids (ages 5 and 3) on Saturday to the matinee. I had some concerns about how scary the film would be, but my kids were excited to see it, so we decided to give it a try.

For the 12:30pm show the theater only had a few other families, making it perfect for us. Brooke and Joe sat quietly during the show and were entertained by the movie. I don’t think the “got” that bringing a dog back from the dead is a little scary.

It was the last half hour when some animals were going wild in the film that Joe decided to close his eyes. He is my 5 year old and is my most sensitive kid.

Joe was not shaken, but kept his eyes shut until the end. Brooke, the 3 year old, was perfectly pleased to watch the action.

There is nothing gory or graphic in the film, so I think it is fine for kids. For super sensitive ones, you might want to save your money and stay home. For fearless kids like Brooke, go ahead and make it a Halloween outing!

For showtimes, go HERE.

The Muppets Movie


Remember the Muppets? They have a new movie out for our kids. The Muppets Movie is now showing at many Houston locations.

My kids had never been to a full length movie before, but we decided to give it a shot last Friday at the 4:00 showing. The theater was not very full, which was nice because I wasn’t sure how our first movie would go.


Lucky for me, the movie was great. It held my 2 and 4 year old’s attention for the full 1 hour and 38 minutes, and the only sound I hear from them was when they were dancing in their chairs.