Smashburger {And Better-for-You Kids Meals} – Our Search for Houston’s Best Restaurants for Kids

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Address: 174 Yale St, Houston, TX 77007  (And many other Houston locations)

Smashburger invited me out to try the new better-for-you kids meal menu additions. Since we drive by Smashburger every single day on the way home from school, and my kids ask to stop every single day on the way home from school, I was happy for the invitation.

Smashburger Houston Heights Tables BigKidSmallCity
That said, I was not exactly excited for the better-for-you kids meals. Not that I don’t like good kids meal options, but Smashburger burgers are really really good. It’s the kind of burger that makes you stop talking and just enjoy.

Smashburger Las Vegas Burger Houston Heights BigKidSmallCity
My girlfriend and I often take the kids to Smashburger. We file in, place our order, giggle and squeak while the food is prepared… and then it’s QUIET.

The kids and moms eat the burgers and can think of no conversation (and no sibling torment and no bad behavior) better than our burgers. (I’m not joking.)

Smashburger Black Bean Burger Houston Heights BigKidSmallCity
So you can understand my concern with ordering Grilled Chicken Strips and Squeezable Apple Sauce. No way it will have the same quieting effect and a great burger and fries.

Of course, I was not about to tell Smashburger about my concerns, so off we went to try some better-for-you options.

Grilled Chicken Strips Kids Meal at Smashburger Houston Heights BigKidSmallCity
When we ordered at the counter, I told my daughter she had had had to get the Grilled Chicken Strips and Apple Sauce ($5.49). She thought I was crazy but will do just about anything to eat at Smashburger.

My oldest son, the vegetarian, ordered the Black Bean Cheese Burger.  My youngest son, the side-etarian, got Apple Sauce and French Fries.

We sat in the crisp and casual restaurant and were surrounded by the amazing burger smell. But then our food came out, and suddenly we were surrounded by something new.

The grilled chicken smelled delicious. It’s no exaggeration to say it looked as delicious as the rest of the meal.  And the table went quiet, just like with the burgers.

Smashburger Thumbs Up for Grilled Chicken Strips BigKidSmallCity
The chicken was fresh and flavorful and gone in a matter of minutes.  Brooke didn’t seem to miss the burger and gave the new kids meal a thumbs up.  I was quietly relieved that Smashburger chicken is just as good as the burgers.

The food was quick and delicious and I was also pleased with our meal out.  Maybe if we order chicken and apple sauce, I can feel better about stopping at Smashburger… almost every time the kids ask to go!


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Smashburger.

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Free Fresh Mex Burger or Chicken Sandwich at Smashburger

Head over to Smashburger’s Facebook page and “like” them.  Next fill out the short form and they will email you a coupon for Buy one Fresh Mex Burger or Chicken Sandwich and get a free entree.

We love Smashburger.  Check out our post HERE.


Free Entree at Smashburger with Purchase of Chicken Sandwich – Facebook Offer 2.6.12


Head over to Smashburger’s Facebook page HERE. Once you like them and fill out the short form, they will send you a coupon for a free entree with the purchase of a chicken sandwich.

In case you missed it, check out our Smashburger entree HERE.  We love Smashburger.

$6 for $12 Worth of Burgers and American Fare at Smashburger – Groupon 1.22.12

Yay! One of today’s Groupons is $6 for $12 Worth of Burgers and American Fare at Smashburger. I really like Smashburger. Check out our last trip HERE. You can pick between 10 Houston locations. To get the Groupon, go HERE.



Address:   Multiple. Check WEBSITE.

Cost:   Not McDonald’s cheap, but a darn good burger. Check the MENU.

Appropriate Age:   Any age.

Our Review:   I had never been to Smashburger before, but I had heard good things and I purchased the GROUPON that I recently posted.   It was $6 for $12 worth of food and drink.



My 2 year old, 4 year old and I went to Smashburger at 12:30 on a weekday. It was busy, but service was quick. We ordered at the counter, filled up our drinks, and picked our table. Within 5 minutes, our food was delivered.



I ordered 2 kids meals, one Smashburger with fries and a milk, and one chicken strips with fries and a fountain drink. Each was $3.99. For myself, I ordered the Classic Smashburger (American cheese, ketchup, yellow mustard, onion, pickles, and smash sauce on an egg bun) for $4.99. With my GROUPON, I paid $1.55. (Although I had paid $6 for the GROUPON, so the total out of pocket expense was $7.55 for the three of us.)



The food was really good.   In fact, I’d say it was an awesome burger.   But what struck me the most was how polite and outgoing the staff was at Smashburger.  It was like we were at Chick-Fil-A with the staff coming over to be sure our meal was okay and asking if we needed anything else.  It’s always nice to be treated well… and especially at a fast food restaurant.



The restaurant was well suited for kids (and no one noticed that my 2 year old ate all the cheese off her cheeseburger, with her fingers, before eating the burger) and my meal was fantastic, so we’ll be going back again… even without my Groupon savings!

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Smashburger – $6 for $12 Worth of Fare – Groupon 8/29/11

Go check out GROUPON to get $12 worth of burgers and American fare at Smashburger for only $6. There are multiple locations around Houston.  From the menu, it looks like you can buy at least two sandwiches with this voucher.  Sounds good to me!

Head over HERE if you are interested in this Groupon.