Potatoe Patch and the Throw’d Rolls!

Address: 2020 FM 1960, Houston, TX 77024

I really like to go to restaurants.  And it’s not really because I’m a foodie in search of the next best thing. It’s more because I like to eat, I don’t like to clean my own kitchen… and I love to be entertained.

And at Potatoe Patch they THROW the rolls from the across the restaurant, so my whole family is pretty darn entertained there.

They also bring out complementary fried green tomatoes and fried okra while you are catching the “Throw’d Rolls”, so I say we are extra entertained as we wait for our food.

The restaurant is on 1960, right by the Hardy Tollroad. It is very casual with all the funny decoration you’d expect at an old dinner. (Carousel horses and light houses and…)  The restaurant could use a remodel (much like my house) but the people are friendly (also much like at my house).

You walk in and are taken to your seat. The menu is quite large with American food… and lots of potatoes, steaks and such. And then, while you wait for the food, the fried green tomatoes are delivered and rolls are thrown at your table.

When it is busy, the rolls seem to be thrown non-stop to different tables. The last time we went at an off hour and they came out a few times as we ran out of bread.

Also, I should mention that they only throw them at you if you want to them thrown at you. They can also just hand them to you or skip you entirely.

And I once read a review about someone that was mad that they got blueberry muffin on their dress shirt because it was thrown… So be aware, this is the kind of place where you could get a roll or muffin on your shirt if you don’t catch it!

We didn’t really care able a little mess and were happy to catch rolls are lunch long.  The waiter was friendly and the baked potatoes, mac and cheese and chicken were all good.

Look at the pictures below and the video above (or HERE)… and see what you think!





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Potato Patch Sample of Fried Pickles and Okra
Address: 2020 FM 1960, Houston, TX 77073

Let me tell you a little something about myself. I do like good food… but what I really like, is to be entertained.

Throw something new and fun into your restaurant, and I’m probably going to love it.  Jerry Built has the handwash station, Niko Nikos has the skyscrapers and park, Mia’s has free ice cream, Little Matt’s has the  iPad station, candy store, arcade and wish wall…  AND Potatoe Patch has THROW’D ROLLS!

Potato Patch Throwd Rolls
What’s a throw’d roll?  The Potatoe Patch staff walks around and throws rolls to your table.  And it’s not just once.  They come around and around, first they throw dinner rolls, then muffins, then dinner rolls, then muffins…  If you are shy, they’ll just toss it or hand it to you.  If you are brave, they will throw it from the other side of the restaurant.

And, you can probably guess that my kids like to catch rolls…. from the other side of the restaurant.

Potato Patch Stained Glass Lights
In case I don’t have you sold at throw’d rolls, let me tell you about the rest of the restaurant. The building is sort of a hole-in-the-wall, decorated with (I assume) funny flea market finds. One room is full of carousel horses, another spot has model boats, another has old typewriters. The ceiling is full of stained glass lights. All of it is casual and family friendly.

When you walk in, you walk by a spinning pie-case which looks delicious. Although you need to show some self control with the rolls if you are going to have room. (We showed no self-control.)

Potato Patch Veggie Plate
The menu is full of southern comfort food with several kids meal options. Every order comes with a sample of (thin) fried green tomatoes and fried okra, which is okay with me. I could eat these until my jeans no longer fit. And then some.

My son and I each ordered the baked potato with 2 sides… coleslaw, onion rings, and 2 servings of spiced apples. The apples come red and are not your ordinary canned apple filling. They are fresh apples, soaked in cinnamon and spice.

Potato Patch Chicken Tenders
We also ordered the kids chicken tenders and french fries. It was all good… but nothing compared to those rolls.

While we were waiting for the food, and then while we were eating, the throw’d rolls kept on coming. Do you know how entertaining it is to watch rolls being thrown to each table? And then to get to catch them yourself? My kids were pleased the entire meal. And any time I have to sit still, drink iced tea and eat fried green tomatoes is okay with me.

So if you want an entertaining, casual, reasonably priced restaurant, try Potatoe Patch. If you simply cannot believe they throw rolls at this establishment, then just pretend like I did not enjoy it at all.

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