Three Reasons to Eat at Picnic

We’ve reviewed Picnic in the past HERE and have good things to say.  We went again today and have 3 reasons why you should give it a try.

1.  The food. 
We don’t go to Picnic because it is cheap.  As I walked in with my 5 year old, I told him we would just grab a snack because it was a little expensive for his second lunch of the day.  He agreed and went to the deli counter to select 2 items.  He could pick between chicken salad, potato salad, coleslaw, pasta salad and more.  My young man selected the most expensive salad available:  shrimp salad at $4.95 for 5oz.  The second item was kale salad at $2.95 for 5oz.    This expensive snack was as much as a picnic box, but I couldn’t argue with a 5 year old who likes to each shrimp and kale salads.

Joe guarded his food closely but I did sneak in a few bites.  The dressing on the kale was light and the greens were crispy.  The shrimp was fresh and  full of flavor and 5oz was satisfying.  The food is worth the money.

2.  The atmosphere.
Picnic is very chill. There is a big open space with lots of sunlight and clean and cool surfaces. The floor and walls are concrete and a big picnic table runs down the middle of the restaurant with small tables surrounding it. There is no question whether or not it is clean and still there are no concerns about the kids making a mess.

3.  The rooster.
I do not know how or why, but a rooster lives outside Picnic, right on Bissonnet, in the middle of Houston.  Soon after we ordered our food, we look at the glass door and saw a rooster looking back at us.

Joe and I went to the doorstep and he just looked back at us and considered running inside.  Once Joe was sure we were not going to eat him, he thought it was cool to have him around.

I asked the gentleman working at the counter and he said the rooster is usually around and waiting outside Picnic.

I think he must know about the good food and chill atmosphere.



Address: 1928 Bissonnet, Houston, TX 77005

Cost: Slightly expensive… but good food and not outrageous.

Appropriate Age: Any age.

Our Review:   Picnic is a neighborhood restaurant with coffee, bakery, salads, soup and sandwiches. You can eat onsite or take your order to go. It is very casual (as the name implies) and perfect for kids.

We went right at 12:00 on a weekday and business was hoping. The parking lot was full, but lots of cars were coming and going and we found a spot right away. Inside, the restaurant was nice, clean and casual. You order at the counter and sit at a private table or at a big shared picnic table. My kids chose the picnic table.

I ordered one Picnic Box Lunch for my kids to share. It was $9.50 and came with a meatball sub (Joe’s favorite), fruit salad, chips, pickle (Brooke’s favorite) and cookie (my favorite).  The box lunch had plenty of food for two kids and even had some leftovers for me.  There are a lot of sandwich options, including chicken salad, turkey, veggie, pimento cheese, tuna salad, roast beef, pork tenderloin and egg salad. There are also Picnic Box Salads. For $8.00 you can have a salad, roll and fruit salad.  For $9.25 you can add a cookie.

People were in and out the entire time we were there. Some stopped to eat, others took their lunches to go. There were business men and women, neighbors, moms and kids.

My son’s favorite part was the bathroom. I am also a fan of a clean public bathroom, especially with little kids. It was large, nicely decorated, had a stool for the kids to wash their hands and the soap smelled nice. My favorite part was the casual restaurant with good food and nice atmosphere for all people (including moms with kids).

Check out PICNIC and their website for a list of 10 Houston picnic locations. Maybe next time we’ll take our box lunch to Fleming Park!

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