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What I’ve learned over the last 10 years of visiting Houston restaurants, with kids, is… not all are great for families. Some are just not set up for kids, and some just don’t like kids.

I do understand not liking kids running through your restaurant or damaging property or disturbing other patrons. I find this irritating too. But I was once at a casual restaurant and the kids were eating quietly at the booth. We had already spent way more money than the coffee drinkers surrounding us… and the owner came out to thank every single table for their business… except ours.

This place was small and it was deliberate and I was shocked and furious.  And I quickly learned to be careful where I spent my money.

All that said, there is one place that has long been a favorite of ours AND families are most definitely welcomed. It’s Mia’s Table!

Mia’s is a Johnny Carrabba restaurant… and is meant for families.  The interior of the house is sleek and casual and surrounded by a big wrap around porch.

You order at the counter, fill your drinks and the food comes to you.  And when you are done, you fill your own ice cream cone for free.

We go more than I should admit, but when the staff sees us, they smile and talk with the kids.  For families that go for the first time, they get the same royal treatment… and this is a sharp contrast to the story I started with!

The kids menu has hamburgers, corn dogs, grilled cheese, chicken strips, mac and cheese and hot dogs.  The adult menu is really big, but I always get the avocado tacos AND the tea.

I like drinks as much as I like food… and at Mia’s you can get lemonade, strawberry lemonade, tea and sweet tea.  The sweet tea has mint and is my favorite tea in the world.

There is no playground at Mia’s… but there are high chairs, crayons and lots and lots of families.

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Mias Table at Night
Location:  3131 Argonne St Houston TX 77098
Age Appropriate: All ages
Price:  $-$$

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Hi, I’m Juliette! My husband, my 7-year-old and I love going out to eat and we are sharing our restaurant finds with you.

As the end of the year nears, we felt a bit nostalgic and went back to our first review: Mia’s Table on Argonne. It was our first choice and one of our classic option whenever we need a kid-friendly place that parents enjoy too.

Our experiences have always been positive but I think that it was even better last week. We went for a special occasion and I had called to reserve their back room for my son’s class party. The staff was extremely friendly and all I had to do was give them a number of guests and they took care of the rest. Everyone at Mia’s Table was friendly and helpful.

Mias Table Pulled Pork
Mia’s Table has a very welcoming porch (gated) with great tables and an even more welcoming dining room. You order as you walk in, their menu has great hamburgers, platters and a good kid menu. They bring your order to your table so all you have to do is sit and enjoy. Families abound and the overall atmosphere is casual and easy-going. Their bathrooms are nice and clean. The back room is a great spot for a larger party and you even have your own fireplace!

Mias Table Grilled Cheese
Our food was great. Our son ordered his usual grilled cheese and fries and ate his basket with his friends. My husband ordered the pulled pork sandwich. The plate looked great, with a side of cole slaw (very good, crispy and not too sweet) and beans, he enjoyed every bite of it and felt very cosy and full next to the fire!

Mias Steak Salad
I picked one of my favorite salad: Steak salad. It had a very delicious mix of pomegranate, candied pecans, goat cheese and spinach. The steak was cooked perfectly and well seasoned. The dressing was served on the side and complimented perfectly all the ingredients of the salad.

We all enjoyed a great dinner, the parents were able to chat and get to know each other and the children got to have dessert: free ice cream! This is the final best part of going to Mia’s, after a good meal, you can all share a complimentary dessert! Our party got a special surprise: my son’s teacher came to surprise all the kids and it was a wonderful moment to see the smiles on all of their faces!

Memories like these are what Mia’s is all about. The delicious food, the casual ambiance and their friendliness toward families are what make Mia’s Table what it is: one of Houston’s best kid-friendly ( and parent-friendly) restaurant.

See you next week for another culinary adventure!

Mia’s – BigKidSmallCity’s Search for Houston’s Best Restaurants for Kids

Address:  3131 Argonne St, Houston TX 77098
Hours:  Monday-Sunday 11am-9pm
Cost:  $-$$
Appropriate Age:  Any age!
MiasMeet Juliette!  Along with her husband and son (nearly 6 years old), she will be reviewing a new Houston restaurant each week.  She’ll report her findings on BigKidSmallCity to help us find Houston’s Best Restaurants for Kids!
She is very excited to share with you all the great restaurants Houston has to offer.  Her family decided to start safe and easy, but don’t worry, they love all kinds of food and styles!
So, for the 1st week, they went to Mia’s. It is a very kid friendly American restaurant where you order and pay first.
Mias PlateThe open kitchen and decor look very nice and casual. There is also a great porch but it was bit too hot when they went.
Service was quick, always a plus with children!  And, for those packing the diaper bag, Mia’s bathroom was nice and the changing area was big and clean!
On this trip, her son chose a cheeseburger and some fruit, instead of fries, and as you can see, it is nicely sized.
The food was good and fresh (it is all made to order).
And the best, of course, is the free soft serve ice cream! Who can resist? Not them!  They will be back at Mia’s for sure!
Check back next week for a new culinary adventure!

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