Maine-ly Sandwiches – Our Search for Houston’s Best Restaurants for Kids!

Mainely Sandwiches Sign
Location: 3310 S. Shepherd Dr, Houston, Texas 77098
Age Appropriate: All Ages
Price: $$

I hope that you are all enjoying some cooler weather and we have a great restaurant for it: Maine-ly Sandwiches on S. Shepherd.

Mainely Sandwiches Storefront
The small restaurant has a lot of curb appeal with a nautical theme. There is a small parking lot in the back off of Shepherd. Follow the lighthouse and step in to Maine! The color theme is bright and cheerful with black and white tiles and splashes of red and nautical objects.

Mainely Sandwich Tables
You can sit along the windows at counter heights stools or at their nice wood tables. There is also a small side room with a couple of classic video games – my son loves PacMan!- which is nice for older children. Their bathroom is clean, wide and is ready for babies!

Mainely Sandwiches Pac Man Machine
The menu is simple with sandwiches, soups and salads. They do offer Italian sandwiches but please, try the Maine style instead! I also love their soups there and I had been waiting for that first “cold” front to go and enjoy one!

Mainely Sandwiches Grilled Cheese and Soup
My son ordered a half grilled cheese (from their kid menu) and a cup of clam chowder. He really liked the fact that he could choose what bread he wanted and also what cheese he wanted in his grilled cheese. The clam chowder was a big hit for him, especially the little oyster crackers he stirred in his chowder.

Mainely Sandwich Crab Roll
My husband ordered the lobster roll and I picked the half crab roll with a cup of lobster bisque. We loved our rolls, the main ingredient is the lobster or the crab. It is not covered in sauce and the seasoning is delicate so the seafood flavor is really what you taste. The rolls were warm and crusty. The lobster bisque was delicious, tasty, creamy and flavorful. My son tried my crab and really loved it too!

We didn’t order a dessert but they have some tempting offerings, should you want to try one! We were just happy with the saltwater taffy that came with our dinner.

Maine-ly Sandwich is a nice, casual neighborhood restaurant that caters to the grownups and the children too!
So take advantage of our “cold” weather – I feel I need to put quotes around the word since Maine must have a different definition of the word! So a good soup and a warm sandwich will sure cheer up our winter!
See you next week for another culinary adventure!

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Maine-ly Sandwiches – BigKidSmallCity’s Search for Houston’s Best Kid Friendly Restaurants!

Mainely Sandwiches Sign
Address:  3310 S.Shepherd 77098
Cost:  $-$$
Appropriate Age:  All Ages

I’m Juliette! My husband, my 6-year-old and I love going out to eat and we are sharing our restaurant finds with you.

We wanted to eat light this week so we tried the new(ish) Maine-ly Sandwiches restaurant on Shepherd. We have been driving by it thinking it could be a good place… and it was!

Lobster Roll
They have a small parking in the back but we had to park on a neighborhood street right off Shepherd which was really easy. (They have another location north of Houston.)

The decor of the sandwich shop is fun and bright with a sea-theme that is creative. There were a lot of people when we got there and a lot of them were families!

Mainely Sandwiches Mural
The room is long and skinny with some counter-height tables overlooking the street or some wooden picnic tables and there is an extra small room that feels really cosy. We chose the picnic table by the huge mural of a seascape.

I love their black and white tiles and the clean nice atmosphere continues into the bathroom, well-equipped for kids.

Lobster and Crab Roll and Mushroom Brie Soup
What did we eat, you are wondering… Clam chowder, lobster roll, crab roll and a mushroom-brie soup for me… I absolutely loved it. My son and husband loved their clam chowder, it was fresh and hearty. The lobster and crab roll were wonderful. You get a lot of the seafood, just a bit of lettuce and that’s it. It is fresh, simple and delicious.

It was a nice surprise how tasty it was and that’s because they didn’t add too much seasonings, sauces or cheese. My soup had just the right amount of brie to make it delicious but not to overpower the taste of the mushroom, it was absolutely perfect.

We didn’t order desserts but they have whoopie pies that looked mouth-watering. Also, they have Italian sandwiches on the menu but first try the crab or lobster roll!

Clam Chowder from Mainely Sandwiches
Service was quick, the staff was nice, the place was fun, casual and clean and we had a delicious meal.

See you next week for our next culinary adventure!