El Pueblito Patio – Our Search for Houston’s Best Restaurants for Kids!

El Pueblito
Address:  1423 Richmond Avenue, Houston, TX 77006

This week’s restaurant is in my part of town… Montrose.  And since it’s in Montrose, you can be sure that it has character (and, uh, is not for everyone).

But if you like to try something new, cool patios, cabanas, hole-in-the-walls, good pineapple salsa… and don’t mind avoiding the wild brunch or night crowd… keep on reading for our review of El Pueblito Patio. If this sounds painful to you… catch last week’s or next week’s review instead!  (Seriously.  This restaurant is not for everyone, so just stop reading.)

El Pueblito Patio1
El Pueblito is right next to Mandell Park, just a block from Ervan Chew Park and very close to all the things to do in Montrose with kids.

We eat here A LOT and my kids always insist on going back. My youngest likes to eat the rice (one grain at a time) and my older kids like the quesadillas. There is no printed kids menu, but kitchen will prepare cheese quesadillas with rice and beans… and the waitress will bring cups with lids.

We always sit on the patio… in the summer there are misting fans and in the winter there are heaters (that sometimes do not work… but we stay on the patio anyway).  We avoid Sunday brunch and the loud music in the evenings.  These times bring in the young adult crowd and a lot of alcohol is being served.  At other times (especially early dinner or late lunch), we often have the restaurant mostly to ourselves… which means we get to sit in a cabana.

Chips and Salsa at El Pueblito Patio
The staff brings free chips and salsa to your table, you order and usually get your food very quickly.  Since we go at off-peak times, we’ve always gotten good service (which is not what all the reviews say).

El Cubano at El Pueblito Patio
My favorite meal is El Cubano with plantains and chicken.  (Give me anything with plantains and I’m probably going to love it.)  My kids order quesadillas or enchiladas.

If you do want a grown-up drink, I see a lot of hollowed out pineapples and coconuts leaving the bar… so try one and tell me how it is!

El Pueblito Patio
After we eat, we head next door to play. Mandell Park has paths for for running and Ervan Chew has a playground for playing.

Mandell Park Playing on Path
If you visit, be sure to follow the parking signs. You can valet park at the restaurant, park for free in the El Pueblito parking lot (one property away from the restaurant), park for free in the neighborhood behind the restaurant… but do not park in the shopping center next (which says “No El Pueblito Parking”) because they really will tow your car.

Also, the bathrooms are teeny tiny, so consider yourself warned. You’ll have better luck changing a baby next door at the park.

So, if you want to check out a cool patio at a restaurant is nothing like Chuck E Cheese… check out El Pueblito.  And if you prefer well-known-especially-for-kids restaurant, find a different spot HERE!


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El Pueblito

Address: 1423 Richmond Ave. Houston, TX. 77006

Cost: Reasonable (for dine-in restaurant)

Appropriate Age: Any Age (but they do not have a kid’s menu)

Our Review:  El Pueblito is located on Richmond, near the Menil Collection. They have plenty of indoor seating, but their patio is the place to be. They have mist fans and shade, making it mostly tolerable during the Houston summer.  If you go at off hours (just before or after lunch or dinner), it is easy to get your own private cabana. Otherwise, you can sit at a table and still enjoy yourself.

Parking is a little tricky. You can valet park at the door, park around the corner on a neighborhood street, or park in the designated lot (which is not connected to the building), but do NOT park in the lot next door. The shops in that lot will tow your car.  It seems to be a long time feud between the business owners.

We personally park around the corner in the neighborhood and walk over to El Pueblito. We usually go for an early dinner and can get our own cabana. Our kids don’t feel like running around the entire restaurant because we have our own special space.  And the love to lounge around like royalty. Getting their early also lets us eat and enjoy ourselves before the bands start and the patio gets wild. There is still somewhat loud music playing through the speakers, but I personally like that it covers up the squeaks of my kids.  Also, being outside makes the inevitable spills no-big-deal.


There is no kid’s menu, but four of us usually share the Quesadillas Locas ($8.75) and El Cubano ($12.00). The Cubano is my favorite. It has a whole grilled plantain over black refried beans and is stuffed with grilled chicken. (The pictures is above and has some bites out of it.  I was too excited when it arrived and forgot to snap a shot.)  Chips and salsa are free and the (mild) pineapple salsa is awesome.  If you go early enough, parents can also grab the happy hour drink specials. Check with the restaurant for the latest deals, but weekday margaritas are around $3.00 and weekend margaritas are around $4.00 during happy hour.

My 2 and 4 year old enjoy eating at El Pueblito and my husband and I enjoy the grown up restaurant (even if it’s 5:00 PM). Check out the patio if your kids will eat quesadillas or any Mexican fare.