Buffalo Grille… Giant Pancakes & Family Friendly

Address: 4080 Bissonnet St, Houston, TX 77005

Buffalo Grille on Bissonnet is one of our favorite places. It’s casual, breakfast is served all day, the tea is highly caffeinated and it has a nice patio for kids.

It is my go-to morning meeting stop.  At 8:00 in the morning, the tables are full of friends meeting for coffee, business men and women having breakfast meetings and parents with kids.

You order at the counter, fill your drink and take a seat.  Once the food is ready, you go grab it… or the staff will bring it to you if your arms are full.

Buffalo Grille has all the breakfast and lunch items you could want.

My favorite is the self serve coffee and iced tea that may pack more caffeine than anywhere else in Houston. Seriously. I drink iced tea all day long with little effect. At Buffalo Grille, one ice tea has me wanting to run a marathon. (Since I don’t run marathons, I usually fill my cup with half regular and half decaf tea.)

We sit on the fenced in patio, eat our food and then head to the park.

This location is very close to Judson Park… so stop by and climb the giant boulder slide when you are done with your meal!




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Another Location of One of my Favorites: Buffalo Grille (on Voss at Woodway)

Buffalo Grille Voss Building
Address: 1301 S. Voss Road, Houston, Texas 77057 (also on Bissonnet)

Buffalo Grille on Bissonnet is one of our very favorite kid friendly restaurants.  It’s casual, breakfast is served all day, the tea is highly caffeinated and it has a nice patio for kids.

Over the last 4 years, the Bissonnet location became one of my go-to morning meeting stops… and I went from stopping once a week and ordering a drink to stopping several times a week and ordering breakfast.  (And using my work-out time for breakfast instead.)

Suddenly my jeans were tight and we had to stop cold turkey.

Buffalo Grille Voss Banana Pancakes
But, since learning some breakfast-food-restraint and going for more walks than breakfast meetings… I felt that I was up for the Buffalo Grille experience once again.

This time, the big kids were at camp near Voss and Woodway, so my youngest and I spent every morning at the other Buffalo Grille location.

Buffalo Grille Voss Pancakes and Hashbrowns
The banana pancakes (with the bananas cooked inside) are my favorite and my son like the hashbrowns.

So each day we would order our food, sit in the casual restaurant and talk about our plans for the afternoon.  The staff was very friendly and the tables are filled with groups having breakfast, regulars grabbing coffee and people on computers.

Buffalo Grille Voss Tables
This location also has a patio.  It is mostly closed off, but not quite as nice as the Bissonnet location.

Still, the Buffalo Grille food and vibe is the same here… so went back every day.  And fortunately camp was just one week… because my jeans could not handle much more!

Buffalo Grille Voss Patio


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Buffalo Grille & Oui Desserts – Our Search for Houston’s Best Restaurants for Kids

Buffalo Grille Patio
Location: 4080 Bissonnet Houston 77005
Age Appropriate: All ages!
Price: $-$$

Hi, I’m Juliette! My husband, my 7-year-old and I love going out to eat and we are sharing our restaurant finds with you.

I have to thank my friend Allison for another great pick this week! After the endless rainy days of last week, Saturday was so gorgeous, we felt like being outside and the patio at Buffalo Grille was absolutely perfect.

I now have a new way of knowing if a restaurant is really kid friendly: when we walked in The Buffalo Grille, the waiter called out that the order for “Harry Potter” was ready!

Buffalo Grille Nacho
The Buffalo Grille is an institution for many and is filled with many happy families! As you enter, there is a huge chalkboard on the left with everything you can order. It was my first time there so it can be intimidating…since they also serve breakfast all day plus all your normal american fare.

My husband was not with us but I know he would love having an omelet for lunch! The dining room is roomy and casual in a comfortable and inviting way. There are nice western memorabilia on the walls and nice wooden bench to sit on as you are waiting for your order. The restrooms are well-appointed and clean.

Buffalo Grille Grilled Cheese
My son picked the grilled cheese and fries from the kid menu- the same as his friend. I ordered the Taco Salad, I know, not the most original choice in a restaurant that serves all kind of comfort american food but I felt like a Taco Salad! Our order name was bison and our friend’s was buffalo. Our two boys were very happy about their choices!

We found a nice table outside, in the shade and the food was ready really fast. My son enjoys eating slowly but finished his plate! As my friend and I were able to catch up, our boys played quietly and ate their delicious lunch!

My Taco salad was very satisfying and elegantly served. The salad was crisp, fresh and savory. I enjoyed the tortilla chips on the side which were not overpowering the salad.

I really enjoyed the casual and familial atmosphere there and their menu is sure to please everyone, even the pickiest eaters! My family will be back for a real breakfast next time…

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Oui Eclair

Location: 3411 Kirby Dr, houston 77098
Age Appropriate: All ages!
Price: $

I am adding a small review about a new pastry shop in Upper Kirby: Oui Desserts! How can you say no to wonderful little macaroons and delicious eclairs, fruit tarts or creme brulee. The owner and pastry chef, Jennifer, was trained at the Culinary Institute of Le Notre and is showing her amazing talent at this sweet pastry shop.

It is conveniently located on Kirby and Richmond with lots of parking (right next door to Sushi King). There are a few tables where my son and I sat and enjoyed a chocolate eclair that was perfect even to our difficult palates! They also conveniently serve coffee.

Oui Macaroons
We will be back to try their macaroons that have the perfect parisian size and delightful flavors.

So, say Oui to dessert and support a talented young pastry chef!

Oui Desserts on Urbanspoon

Buffalo Grille – BigKidSmallCity’s Search for Houston’s Best Restaurants for Kids

Buffalo Grille CounterAddress:  Academy & Bissonnet and Voss & Woodway (We visited the Bissonnet location.)

Cost:  $

Appropriate Age:  All Ages!

This is Jill, covering for Juliette while she is on vacation!  I’m looking for the best Houston restaurants for kids.

We drove by Buffalo Grille approximately 100 times before stopping in.  It is located in a strip mall in West University and I never imaged that it was a hoppin hang out.  On the 101st tBuffalo Grille Patio1me past the restaurant, we pulled over to meet some friends.  It turns out that Buffalo Grille is a greasy spoon where you order at the counter.  And it is always packed.

At 8:00 in the morning, the tables are full of friends meeting for coffee, business men and women having breakfast meetings and parents with kids.  There are stacks of high chairs and a nice patio that we have dubbed the children’s section.

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