Real Food and Family Friendly: Betsy’s at Evelyn’s Park

Address: 4400 Bellaire Blvd, Bellaire, TX 77401

This is a cool place to go with kids…. there is room to run and good food!

Betsy’s is right in Bellaire’s Evelyn Park and serves up a food that’s not your typical fast park food.

This restaurant replaces The Ivy and James! In the yellow house at the side of the park is Betsy’s. There is a bright interior where you order at the counter, fill your drink and take a seat. You can sit by the bight windows or head outside to the picnic tables.

The menu is fast casual, with breakfast and park friendly food.  We ordered a kids meal burger and the pesto bowl and took our seats while it was prepared.

The great thing was how we had real food at a sleek and cool restaurant that was good for families. My friend and I ate and chatted while the kids had fun.  After we ate, we went to the slides and Alice and Wonderland Sculpture to play some more.

A couple of things to know for when you go… there is free parking at Evelyn’s Park.  If there are not spots by the restaurant, there may be some on the Mulberry side of the park.

The park has a restroom and so does the restaurant. Also, the park is on the busy Bellaire Boulevard. The restaurant is not super close, but there is no fence, so you do need to know which direction your kids are running.

In addition to being open daily, Betsy’s will feature outdoor grill nights, movies on the lawn, pop up events, and unique workshops to the Yellow House.

Look at the pictures!



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Heights Bier Garten… Family and Pet Friendly!

Address:  1433 N Shepherd Dr #1, Houston, TX 77008

You have a BABY in a BAR? Well, not quite a bar, but at Heights Bier Garten!

This beer garden serves up a lot more than beer… and it’s family and dog friendly.  This patio is full of tables, porch swings and sports on TVs.

At the two bars, you order food and drinks… and the food comes to your table.  While you wait, you can watch the game, play cornhole or just relax in the swings.  Or bring your own boardgame to play outside.

The food is really good… and my favorite is Roasted Cauliflower and the salads.  And the homemade sausage is very popular.

When we went, there was a big game and the place was PACKED.  Singles, families, dogs… everyone was there.  I’d have more pictures, but there were people everywhere!

Parking in available in the back, but it is tight.  We ended up parking by Love Park and walked over.

Also know that most of the seating is outside (with shade and heaters)… so this is great for a nice day!  Also, check the hours before you go… because it opens late on weekdays!



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Fadi’s Mediterranean Eatery in the Museum District

Address: 1801 Binz St, Houston, TX 77004

The museum district has a new restaurant!

We were driving down Binz, near the Children’s Museum, when we spotted the new Fadi’s Mediterranean Eatery.

My friend nearly launched herself out of the car to get there. It’s one of our favorite Houston spots… and now there is one in the museum district!

It’s smaller than the other spots, but has the favorites. Plus parking is validated in the garage.

At this smaller version of Fadi’s you fill one plate from the salad bar instead of ordering combination plates or individual sides. You can also add on a kebab or wrap (which makes this more food than one person can eat!).

You can also order kids meals like pizza or chicken tenders.

The restaurant is sleek and casual… and was too busy for more pictures.  It is certainly one of the best options in the museum district, so check it out next time you are there!




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Eat and Play at Palava Family Entertainment Center & Restaurant!

Address: 3240 Spring Cypress Rd, Spring, TX 77388

When I think of play places, I don’t really think about good food… but Palava Family Entertainment Center & Restaurant has really good food!

They make pizza in their stone oven and make salads, sandwiches, paninis and baked potatoes to order. And my kids were pretty pleased that you eat in the middle of the play area with the 2-level Mayan themed laser tag arena, 3D black light mini golf, a HUGE 4-level play structure, a toddler play area and a small arcade.

Last week I let each of my big kids pick something special to do. The 7 year old picked laser tag at Palava… so off we went on a weeknight.

While we were there, we were able to get a pizza, salad and wings… plus unlimited play, laser tag and mini golf, for four of us, for $60. (Check the latest deals HERE.)

We ordered our food and played while we waited. You can play in the play structure or at mini golf any time. The laser tag games start every 20 minutes or so… and an announcement is made so you don’t miss them.

The laser tag area is pretty elaborate. There are two stories and lots of places to hide. Everyone wears a vest and is assigned a name… and people outside the game can watch the status on the screen outside. (The display like text messages, no video.)

I played a couple of games for laser tag and I had fun too!

Check out the picture below… and if you are looking for real food and a fun place to play, check out Palava!








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Potatoe Patch and the Throw’d Rolls!

Address: 2020 FM 1960, Houston, TX 77024

I really like to go to restaurants.  And it’s not really because I’m a foodie in search of the next best thing. It’s more because I like to eat, I don’t like to clean my own kitchen… and I love to be entertained.

And at Potatoe Patch they THROW the rolls from the across the restaurant, so my whole family is pretty darn entertained there.

They also bring out complementary fried green tomatoes and fried okra while you are catching the “Throw’d Rolls”, so I say we are extra entertained as we wait for our food.

The restaurant is on 1960, right by the Hardy Tollroad. It is very casual with all the funny decoration you’d expect at an old dinner. (Carousel horses and light houses and…)  The restaurant could use a remodel (much like my house) but the people are friendly (also much like at my house).

You walk in and are taken to your seat. The menu is quite large with American food… and lots of potatoes, steaks and such. And then, while you wait for the food, the fried green tomatoes are delivered and rolls are thrown at your table.

When it is busy, the rolls seem to be thrown non-stop to different tables. The last time we went at an off hour and they came out a few times as we ran out of bread.

Also, I should mention that they only throw them at you if you want to them thrown at you. They can also just hand them to you or skip you entirely.

And I once read a review about someone that was mad that they got blueberry muffin on their dress shirt because it was thrown… So be aware, this is the kind of place where you could get a roll or muffin on your shirt if you don’t catch it!

We didn’t really care able a little mess and were happy to catch rolls are lunch long.  The waiter was friendly and the baked potatoes, mac and cheese and chicken were all good.

Look at the pictures below and the video above (or HERE)… and see what you think!





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Swanny’s Grill… Playground, Sports Fields and Dinner!

Address: 6224 Theall Road, Houston, 77066

I just posted about Swanny’s Grill… but the nighttime photos just did not do it justice.  So, for the good of the blog (and really, for all mankind), I went back for more.

It was a real hardship to eat at the heated patio while the kids played on the playground and on the soccer field.  And cornhole and volleyball and pool and shuffleboard.  Just kidding.  The only bad thing was that we did not bring fishing poles for the fishing pond!

Swanny’s is at the Swanson Golf School and here you can come to eat and play… or you can sign up for one of the many sports leagues.

They serve hamburgers, salads, wraps, tacos and more. Plus there is a kids menu with $5 kids meals and kids eat free on Tuesdays.

The restaurant is not fancy, but the kids have a lot of places to play in the fenced in yard.

I hear that parking can be tight when sports games are going on… but the times we visited, we had plenty of parking and were able to play on all the fields.

Check out the pictures…






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Eat and Play at Swanny’s Grill!

Address: 6224 Theall Road, Houston, 77066


People have been telling me about Swanny’s Grill for years… and I should have listened to them sooner!

Swanny’s Grill has a heated patio, playground, cornhole, volleyball and soccer fields. And table tennis and pool and sports on TV. And live music (on weekends), darts, shuffleboard and fishing!

Swanny’s is at the Swanson Golf School and here you can come to eat and play… or you can sign up for one of the many sports leagues.

They serve hamburgers, salads, wraps, tacos and more. Plus there is a kids menu with $5 kids meals.

My pictures really do not do it justice. It was a little dark, a little busy and we were just having too much fun for better pictures!

The restaurant is not fancy, but the kids have a lot of places to play in the lit up and fenced in yard.

I hear that parking can be tight when sports games are going on… but when we visited, we had plenty of parking and were able to play on all the fields.

The kids ran from playground to volleyball to cornhole to frisbee to… This was a great dinner out and all of us (adults and kids) gave it high scores!




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Look at the brand new play area at Buffalo Grille!

Address: 4080 Bissonnet St, Houston, TX 77005

Look what’s new at Buffalo Grille!

On the patio, kids can run their own restaurant.  There is a new counter in the play area, with a cash register, play food, chalk board and small picnic benches.  And I hear that a kids kitchen is coming soon.

Buffalo Grille on Bissonnet has always been one of our favorite places. It’s casual, breakfast is served all day and the tea is highly caffeinated.

We have always liked the patio but now it’s great for kids.  There are tables, umbrellas for shade and the fun new play area.

At Buffalo Grille, you order at the counter, fill your drink and take a seat.  Once the food is ready, you go grab it… or the staff will bring it to you if your arms are full.  We usually sit on the fenced in patio, eat our food and then head to the park.

This location is very close to Judson Park… so stop by and climb the giant boulder slide when you are done with your meal!




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Eat at Auntie Chang’s Dumplings House

Address: 2621 S. Shepherd Drive, Houston, Texas 77098

Right above our favorite bubble tea house is Auntie Chang’s Dumpling House.

We grab tea frequently, but recently we were looking for more than fried squid balls for dinner.  (Really, that is a thing at the Tea House.)

We’ve always seen Auntie Chang’s from the street, but this time we went up.

At an early dinner time, we were the first ones there.  (By the time we left, the tables were full.)

The staff was not shocked by all the kids I had with me and quickly brought over a high chair and menus.

We ordered dumplings and a meal special (with soup and wantons and sweet and sour chicken).

The food came quickly and we very good.  Still, our favorite part was the little water fountain at the front that my toddler thought was amazing (and everyone else liked that she thought it was so amazing).

The restaurant was a little humid/damp when we visited… but it was on a very humid/damp day in Houston, so I’m not holding it against them.

And the next time we want dinner, but not squid balls, we’ll be back!



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House of Bowls in Chinatown

Address: 6650 Corporate Dr, Houston, TX 77036

I always want to eat in Chinatown… but I am always overwhelmed by all the options.  If you walk just one block and you will pass 10 restaurants.

Lucky for us, friends have recommended House of Bowls so this is where we went back.

The restaurant has always been busy but on a Sunday afternoon, it was packed. We were seated quickly but the waitress did let us know that it would take at least 30 minutes to get the food.

I appreciated the information and we put our order in quickly. Fried rice, beef and noodles and rice cakes.

The waitress was nice enough to tell my daughter that the rice cakes were an acquired taste… just to be sure we really wanted them. Apparently we really did and we sent the order in.

The food came and the entrees were huge. They all could have been shared two or three ways.

In the past we had always gone with a huge group and I had never realized how far the food went… but the orders are really big, making the price pretty reasonable!

The restaurant is nice but not especially fancy. Parking is free in the lot (but it can get full!).

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