Gifts for Kids to Make: Bath Fizzies with Imperial Sugar

My daughter loves crafts… and I am not so crafty.

With the holidays here, we have been looking for fun, easy and not-too-messy gifts we can make for the grandparents. We were successful with our Sugar Scrubs (which I use to spend a lot of money on at Bath and Body Works!), so we gave the bath fizzies a try.

Supplies for Imperial Sugar Bath Bombs
We found the instructions on, ordered a few supplies and got started.

Adding Color to Imperial Sugar Bath Bombs

Citric Acid
Baking Soda
Extra Fine Granulated Sugar
Food Coloring
Witch Hazel in a Squirt Bottle
Silicon Mold (or Muffin Tin like we used)
Essential Oil

Mixing Up Imperial Sugar Bath Bombs
My daughter mixed all the ingredients and it went pretty smoothly.  The only tricky part was the witch hazel in the spray bottle.

Making Imperial Sugar Bath Bombs
After all the dry ingredients, food coloring and essential oil, you are to mix it up and spray with witch hazel.  Liquid makes the mixture fizz… so you just need to add enough for it to be a little sticky.

The first time we tried, we sprayed too much witch hazel, made it too sticky… and it was puffing up like muffins when we put it in the tins.  (Now I know it should NOT stick to your hands like in the picture.)

Imperial Sugar Bath Bombs Mold
We tried again and only added about 5 sprays of witch hazel.  It was just a little sticky, like damp (not wet) sand.

We did not have a silicon mold, so we packed the fizzies into muffin tins and a funny shape cookie tray (that I bought years ago but never ever used for cookies).

Imperial Sugar Bath Bombs
After about 10 minutes we were able to slide the fizzies onto the table.  After about an hour, they were hard.

Bath Bomb Made with Imperial Sugar
The project was easy and after correcting our witch hazel mistake, we had some fun bath fizzies!  See how they fizz in the short video below!

Get specific instructions and even more project ideas on!

Gifts for Kids to Make: Sugar Scrub with Imperial Sugar

My daughter adores crafts and projects… and I do not. I’m not especially crafty and I honestly do not want glue and glitter all over the house.

That said, it’s nearly time for the holidays and I found easy to make, all natural sugar scrub recipes on the Imperial Sugar website, so we made a batch for grandma!

Imperial Sugar Sugar Scrub Nail Polish
There are many different recipes on the website and you basically need essential oil, sugar, grapeseed oil and an airtight container.

We chose the Orange Dreamsicle Sugar Scrub!

Imperial Sugar Scrubs
Orange Essence Oil
Vanilla Extract
White Sugar
Grapeseed Oil
Airtight Container
Mixing Bowl

Pouring Sugar for Imperial Sugar Sugar Scrub
My daughter mixed it all together, scooped it into the container and we had a delicious smelling gift!

The website has a bunch of different recipes, including Lemon Rosemary, Chocolate Sugar, Coconut Lime and Cinnamon.  (We also made Lemon Rosemary and Chocolate Sugar!) The website also has labels you can print out for your jar of sugar scrub.

We wrapped our jar with ribbon and added some nail polish.  My daughter was as pleased as could be with her gift for grandma!

Imperial Sugar Sugar Scrub and Nail Polish
Check out Imperial Sugar‘s website for even more kid’s in the kitchen ideas!  Find our bath fizzies HERE!

Ideas for Planning Polar Bear Birthday Party! (Or Any Animal Themed Party!)

It’s Shanna! This year my daughter decided she wanted a polar bear theme for her birthday party. Everything we did was specific to polar bears but most of our ideas could easily be adapted to other animals too.

Birthday Party at the Park
Read on for details on selecting a polar bear charity (instead of receiving gifts), creating two polar bear games and making the cake and party favors!

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DIY Simple Recipe for Snack Mix and Free Printable Tag

Hello again!  I know my dear friend Pranika is our food guru on Big Kid Small City but this time of year crafting and baking kind of merge for me so I’m bringing to you a simple recipe for a snack mix I created as well as a free printable tag that you can use to package all your goodies!  So grab a few simple ingredients and let’s get making!


Fall Snack Mix Supplies

Here is what you will need:

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How to Make Ice Cream in a Bag

Ice Cream in BagMy oldest kid has been asking me to make ice cream for months. I was hoping he would either forget about it, let me buy ice cream from the store or grandma would come to save the day.

None of these things happened, so I searched the internet for easy ways to make ice cream…  where my kids could make it themselves.

For any project like this, I like the kids involved. One reason is because it is fun for them. The other is so no one is expecting mom to pull of some miracle in the ice cream department.

Fortunately I found that you can make ice cream in a sandwich bag and with easy to find ingredients.

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Our Lunch Project: Apple Peeler

We have a newborn at our house, so our outings have slowed down a bit. Given their choice, my kids would sit down for a PBS day long marathon.  In an effort to keep the TV off and the kids entertained, I’ve been looking for easy projects that can be done with one arm (with baby in my other arm) or done quickly while baby is asleep.

For lunch today, we decided to pull out the Apple Peeler that I picked up for $11.88 when it was for sale on Amazon. (The sale price is no longer available, but keep watching it… because it will likely dip down again.)


Joe thought it was great fun to turn the handle and it was easy enough for him to operate by himself. The coolest part is how the apple is sliced and cored while it is peeled. My kids love to eat this curly Q and even the skin that is peeled off.


After we made our apples, Joe helped me roll up some hotdogs in crescent roll dough. We paired up the apples and pigs in a blanket, set the big kids down to lunch and the baby woke up.


For our next project, Joe convinced me to get out the Play-Doh (my archenemy… is it just my house, or does this stuff find its way into a million pieces that get tracked all over?). But, the good news is, the TV is off for now.

Our Project: Easter Eggs in September


Today I asked my son what project we should work on. He told me he wanted to dye Easter Eggs. This might seem a little odd for September, but I think he remembered the stash of Easter Egg kits I got at 90% last Spring.


Even if I did not have the kits I picked up for a dime, I could have made my own egg dye with the following:
1 tsp. distilled vinegar
20 drops food coloring
1/2 cup boiling water
It’s a simple enough project and provides entertainment without a television or leaving the house. Plus, my son loves to eat the eggs when they are done.


To make hard boiled eggs, add eggs and water to a pot.  Bring them to a boil on the stove.  Once they are boiling, leave on the heat for 3 minutes.  After this, turn off the heat, cover, and let the eggs sit.  Once the eggs have cooled, mix up your dye and start the fun.


We used brown eggs since it was what we had today. White would work better, but we found that letting they sit in the dye a little longer than normal worked just fine.