How to Make Bat Wings – Easy DIY Project, Perfect for your Halloween Costumes!

Xander's Bat WingsA couple of years ago my son got a glow-in-the-dark bat shirt and decided he needed bat wings to go with it.  I quickly created these easy-to-do bat wings and he’s loved them ever since.

Materials You’ll Need:

  • Felt or other material (enough to cover your child’s “wingspan” from fingertip to fingertip and from neck to upper thighs; bats are usually black or brown, but your child may want to be a more colorful bat!)
  • Chalk or other another way to mark the felt
  • Scissors
  • 3 buttons
  • Needle and thread

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Harry Potter Wands – DIY Crafts for Kids! Perfect for Birthday Parties or Costumes!

Hi!  My name is Olivia and I am a mother of two fun little girls, preschool teacher, and owner of Olivia’s Ultimate.  I love to sew, cook, eat, shop, and craft!

When Jill asked me to guest blog with crafting tutorials I laughed out loud.  Ironic since I have started and stopped my own little blog about five million times promising myself to keep up with posts! 😉 However, this may be the perfect opportunity to force myself to share all the fun things I get to create and not feel the pressure of keeping up with my own blog…only the pressure of Jill.  Kidding.

So for my first tutorial I kept trying to think fall.  Pumpkins, ghosts, turkeys…aack!  As a preschool teacher we do handprint crafts daily and I couldn’t get them out of my head.  After all, you really need/want me to show you how to dip your hands in paint, right?

Luckily for you my oldest daughter’s birthday is coming up and I am in party planning mode!  She is OBSESSED with Harry Potter.

When she first told me she wanted a HP party I said, “But baby, some of your friends have never even read the books or seen the movie.”  Apparently that didn’t matter to her.  Obsessions transcend all hesitations of others “not getting it.”

So for the last few weeks I’ve been diligently pinning Harry Potter party idea after idea onto my trusty Pinterest board and today I started doing instead of pinning.  First up, WIZARD WANDS for Olivander’s !

Harry Potter Wand and Book Main Photo

As most 7 year olds in the Muggle World will be arriving at the party sans wands we must provide them with one, right?  Here is how we made ours.

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DIY Hummingbird Costume! Great Kids Halloween Costume Made from Boas, Feathers, Pipe Cleaners and Glue!

Hummingbird CostumeEvery year my kids choose to dress up as something unusual for Halloween. We’ve had an otter, bat, rainbow sparkly dolphin, dragon, and puffin. The one thing all these costumes have in common is that I ended up making them, with varying degrees of success.

Last year my daughter wanted to be a hummingbird. Yep, you guessed it; there are no hummingbird costumes to be found in any of the stores around here, so we made it!  We were both very pleased with the way it turned out and she got lots of compliments.

The costume I put together wasn’t very hard to do and could easily be adapted for other birds like flamingos, parrots, and even chickens. If you are planning to attempt this yourself, just be warned: it does require a LOT of feathers and hot glue!

The materials I used are a dress, two long adult socks, a small piece of elastic, a plastic partial face mask, pipe cleaners, a flower, lots of feathers, two feather boas (for the wings) and hot glue.

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World’s Cutest Infant Costume – Sushi with Ginger and Wasabi

I may have just found the world’s cutest infant costume. A friend just made, from scratch, this sushi costume for a newborn baby. Look at the detail! And the ginger and wasabi on the hat!

 For newborns the “fish” goes on the belly”. For crawlers, it goes on the back.

 This is the kind of thing that makes me wish I had an itsy bitty baby again!

Homemade Mermaid Halloween Costume

In August, I was told by my kids that we would all be super heros again this Halloween.  I was envisioning the Incredibles, minus the spandex for mom.  That all changed when Costco got their Halloween costumes in and Joe just had to be a Navy Pilot.  I found James this Toddler Pilot Costume on Amazon and suggested to Brooke that she also be a pilot.  But no, that was another crazy mom idea.

Brooke was certain she needed to be a mermaid.  Since all of Brooke’s hand-me-downs are blue and boy, I understood that she needed to be the most beautiful girly girl she could think up.  So, this began my creation of the mermaid costume.

Although my improvised creations in the kitchen rarely turn out well, it turns out that my mermaid-costumes-on-the-fly turn out pretty darn good.  For the costume, I used a swimsuit, tulle-tutu-like-skirt and Starfish Barrette.

To make the tulle skirt, I ordered 3 rolls of 6″ x 25 yards from Halo Heaven (in Apple Green Shimmer, Turquoise Shimmer and Silver Sparkle) and found some thin Elastic in my sewing kit.

For the skirt, I wrapped the elastic around Brooke’s waist, cut it to fit, and just tied it with a double knot.  Next, I got to making the tulle mermaid tail.

Brooke’s legs are about 20″ long, so I took 20″, added 10″ for a little extra tail, and then doubled it.  I measured out 60″ strips of tulle in all 3 colors (green, turquoise and silver).

Once I had all the rolls cut into strips, I grabbed 1 of each color. I layered the green, turquoise and silver strip together into one piece, and then folded it in half.

I slid the elastic over a binder (so it would keep it’s shape) and started to tie on the tulle.  To do this, I took the folded tulle, slid it under the elastic and pulled the long strip through the “loop” at the top of the fold.

After tying on all but one of the tulle pieces, I scooted the knots to the back of the elastic.  This was to make a “tail” and not a “skirt”.  I looped the final piece of tulle around and around (and around) the elastic that was showing in the front.

The final step was the gather the long pieces of tulle in the back of the tail, and gather them together with a piece of Elastic.

By this time my floor was covered in the glitter from the silver sparkle tulle, but the tail was looking remarkably good.  And Brooke was certain that she would be fabulous in the creation.

She had a chance to wear the outfit to the first costume party of the season and it was a big success.  Everyone knew she was a (fabulous) mermaid.

Our Recycled Water Bottle Tree Costume

Joe came home from camp today telling me that he needed to wear a crazy outfit tomorrow.  His idea was to wear… are you ready…  shorts with a long sleeve shirt.

And this is why I love Joe so much.  He’s as wild and crazy as his mom.

I suggested that we might be able to think of something even more crazy.  We looked around the house and only found some too small Halloween costumes, some winter clothes and our recycling bin.  Given the options, we decided to make a fabulous water bottle tree outfit.

To make the leaves or branches or flowers (or whatever they were), I sliced the bottles in half with sharp scissors.  On the top part, I made a bunch of cuts towards the drinking end.  Once I had made the cuts all the way around the bottle, Joe helped to fold them back like flowers.  On the other end of the sliced bottle, I cut off the bottom (so it was just a tube) and then cut it open to make a cuff.  We repeated this on all the bottles we could find.

Next I nearly cut off my fingers poking holes in the bottom of the “flowers” while I told Joe about being safe with scissors.  Fortunately I got by without a visit to the emergency room and was able to find some pipe cleaners.  We stuck these through the flowers and then connected them to an old winter cap.   The final touch was covering Joe’s arms with the plastic “cuffs”.

This would look even better with more cuffs and flowers, but given the time and resources we had, I think Joe has one wild and crazy outfit.