How do you get your kids to help clean up?


My kids are not overly helpful in cleaning up their toys. They will do it, but it there is an awful lot of complaining.   However, my kids are very interested in sweeping and scrubbing and wiping and… Now, my kids did not come with a manual, but letting them use chemical cleaners is probably not on the list of “ok things to do”, so I’ve started using some green cleaning products.



To scrub the tub, I make a baking soda – water paste and let the kids scrub like crazy.  They think it’s fun.  I think it’s ingenious.  At the end, I pull out the vinegar and let them see the volcano of bubbles. After a quick rinse, and maybe throwing the kids in the clean bath tub, I give myself a pat on the back.

What kid friendly cleaning ideas do you have?