Reduce Unwanted (Snail) Mail

I know you just *love* email from BigKidSmallCity, but you might be  sick of all the junk that fills your real mailbox.  I have enough clutter in my house that I do not need 5 new credit card offers each day.

I’ve been researching ways to cut down on the trash delivered to my house.  Here is what I’ve found:

  • Register for free at Do Not Mail HERE 
  • Opt out of credit offers HERE
  • Keep you name off of mailing lists HERE
  • Receive only the catalogs you want HERE 

Paper Coterie – $40 Off Code!

Through the end of August, you can receive $40 off any purchase at Paper Coterie. Just use coupon code H2SBEGINANYWHERE. This means you can create free photo products and just pay shipping. I’ve ordered from them before, with a previous coupon code, and it worked just as advertised. Plus, the products were high quality and arrived quickly.

I just ordered this Memory Keeper for all those papers that come home from school but are too cute to throw out. The $40 code (H2SBEGINANYWHERE) brought my order to $0 and I just had to pay $9.62 for shipping. Not bad for a personalized photo box used to cut the clutter.