HEB Montrose Market Easter Egg Hunt – April 7, 2012, 8:00am

The HEB Montrose Market is hosting a kid’s Easter Egg Hunt on April 7 at 8:00am.  Just bring your Easter basket to aisles 23-26.  If you find the “Golden Egg”, you win a big prize.

To find out more about the HEB Montrose Market, go HERE.

HEB Montrose Market – West Alabama & Dunlavy – Phone Number and Address


Main 713-529-2475, Pharmacy 713-807-7293
1701 W. Alabama, Houston, TX 77098

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I’ve had several requests for the HEB Montrose Market’s phone number and address… so here it is. The store is now fully stocked with beer and wine. Also, if you are filling a new prescription, ask the pharmacist about coupons. They have been handing out $25 HEB gift cards for new or transferred prescriptions. Also, I’m told that flu shots are FREE through the end of January.

Montrose HEB at West Alabama and Dunlavy is Open… And My Kids Love It


There has been a lot of interest in the new HEB OPENING. It has been open since November 16 and has been very busy. Fiesta across the street also appears to be quite busy. One thing that may be helping is that HEB is not yet selling beer or wine. It seems like customers that used to shop at Kroger and Randalls are now shopping at HEB, and heading to Fiesta for alcohol. We’ll see what happens when HEB gets their license.

Rumors are flying, but Fiesta’s manager says they plan to stay open. They are making improvements to the store and it is much faster to get in and out of than HEB.  And I still like the oldies music.


My kids keep asking to go to HEB and I give credit to Buddy and the car carts. (I also like the carts because they are the cool car carts, but they are not so gigantic that you cannot navigate the store.) The HEB mascot has been walking around the store handing out Buddy Bucks. The are the same bucks that kids can get when you check out.


These bucks can be used at the Buddy Box near the service center. My kids love feeding in the bills and stopping the spinning wheel.  Once you collect enough points, you can pick out a prize.


My kids also like to eat samples and grab dinner at Cafe on the Run. A slice of pizza is under $2.00. On Wednesdays, a large pepperoni pizza is only $7.00. My kids insist on taking this to the outdoor patio where there is often a band playing and a fountain with changing colors of water.


Five years ago I would not have been blogging about a grocery store… but things sure change when you become a mom. 🙂

Montrose HEB at Dunlavy and West Alabama is OPEN + Address & Phone Number


Main 713-529-2475, Pharmacy 713-807-7293
1701 W. Alabama, Houston, TX 77098

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The new HEB at Dunlavy and West Alabama opened at 6:00 this morning. I went at 7:00 and it was hoping. There are a lot of people looking around and even more people from the HEB staff making sure things went well. The cash registers were not super busy, so I think everyone is just snooping around the store so far.

Already this morning there were tons of samples and a live cooking demonstration.


The store is very well lit with all the high windows.


And there is a lot of selection in every department.


There is a floral department, cafe, pharmacy…


And out door seating near Dunlavy.


Go check it out for yourself.

Video on Montrose HEB at West Alabama and Dunlavy to Open on November 16


I posted the information about the Montrose HEB opening HERE. For the official video, check out this video.

Montrose HEB at West Alabama and Dunlavy to Open November 16, 2011

 The new HEB at the corner of West Alabama and Dunlavy is set to open on November 16, 2011 at 6:00am. Like the store or not, it is sure to be grand.  There will be a huge produce selection with a focus on organic. When available, the available fish will be fresh, rather than frozen. Like cheese? There will be a lot of it. How about bread? My kids and I are looking forward to the bakery where everything is made from scratch.  If you need a prescription filled, you can use the onsite pharmacy.

The store will also have live cooking demonstrations where they focus on quick meals that you can make at home in 30 minutes and provide recommendations on wine. This store location will also offer cooking classes onsite, likely starting in January 2012, where you cook (and eat/drink) a five course meal with wine.  If you don’t want to cook, HEB will have Cafe on the Run where you can buy meals to heat up or grab a gourmet sandwich.

There will likely be a lot of pedestrian traffic at the store, but for those that drive, there is a 400 space parking lot, designed around the grand old trees salvaged during the construction. The lot has approximately 100 more spaces than the Buffalo Speedway location. There is also an offsite employee only lot with security.  Plan on walking to the store?  You will need to buy what you can carry or bring your own push cart.  The HEB carts will not work once they leave the parking lot.

This HEB location has hired 400 employees, many from the immediate Montrose area, keeping their promise to the neighborhood. HEB has made many efforts to work with the neighbors, allowing them to pick the design of the building, select locations for pedestrian access, selecting the height of the fence and even flipping the layout of the lot so that the building would not back up to any residential properties on West Main Street.

Rumors are flying about the Fiesta located across the street. According to the store manager, they have no plans to move. I’m sure customers will still go there for fast shopping and to dance to the oldies music.