Tangle Teaser – The Best Brush for Curly Hair

Brooke has one fabulous head of curls.   When wet, her hair reaches her shoulder blades.  When dry, it bounces up above her chin.

This, plus the blue eyes, are from her father. Having never had fabulous curls, I don’t know much about maintaining them. And, as you might imagine, her father is useless when it comes to hair care questions.

This fabulous head of curls turns into dreadlocks each night and is impossible to brush in the morning. Through 3 years of trial and error, I now have the arsenal needed to get the curls back. I get asked daily on how to care for curls, so let me share my tips.

Ideally Brooke takes a shower in the morning so her hair is wet. I use a lot of conditioner and only wash 75% out of her hair.

Out of the shower, I liberally apply Infusium 23 Leave-in Treatment and brush with the worlds best brush.

The Tangle Teezer fits in the palm of my hand and has a plate full of big and small teeth. I do not know how, but this brush glides through any knotted mess.

Even if her hair is not wet, I can use the Tangle Teezer to detangle the hair. I then apply Infusium 23 to get rid of the mile high friz that comes with brushing dry curly hair.

This type of brush is available on Amazon or from beauty supply stores. The Infusium 23 Leave-in Treatment is available on Amazon or anywhere you buy shampoo. It’s expensive, but there are frequently coupons in the paper and sales.

This little brush has eliminated the daily fight over detangling the dreadlocks.  It slips through the knots easily and gives Brooke 1 less reason to hate me when she becomes a teenager.   I highly recommend it!

Need Diapers? Chemical Plant Explosion Could Cause Diaper Shortage. Order a couple boxes now.

An explosion in a Japanese chemical plant from last Sunday could lead to a diaper shortage.  The plan produced about 20 % of the world’s super-absorbent polymers used in disposable diapers. Read the full story HERE.

Prices still look to be low, but we’re stocking up on a couple extra boxes around here.

If you are looking around, check out these Luvs Diapers Size 3 for only $0.13 cents each.  The box is $27.15 ($0.13 / count) with Subscribe & Save and Amazon Mom, plus, “clip” the $1.00 off coupon and get them for $26.15.  (And yes, I buy Luvs for my 3rd child.  Don’t tell him his brother and sister got more expensive diapers.)

The coupon is on the product main screen, just below the picture and price information. You need to be signed in to see the coupon (and you can only use the coupon one time).

Or maybe it’s time to just switch to Reusable Diapers and ignore the diaper shortage concern. We haven’t tried these, but they sure are cute.

Halloween Costumes for Infants and Toddlers – Pilots, Firemen, Police, Inmates, Super Heros, Dolls and More!

I recently posted that Costco had high quality costumes in stock for 2012.  Check HERE for more.  Since then, I’ve been asked where to find more infant and toddler costumes.  Costco has a lot of cute baby costumes, but if you are looking for something to match big brother (like me) it’s not available there.

If you want to find cheap costumes, follow some coupon blogs.  As they are available, they will post coupon codes and the best deals.  (Last year I got a great deal from Diapers.com for my baby superman costume.)  Go HERE for Hip2Save or HERE for MyLitter.

If you just want to know where to look for cute toddler and infant costumes, here is what I’ve found.

My favorite store is Amazon and I found these great costumes.  James is going to be the military pilot (to match big brother Joe), but now that I look again, I kinda wish Joe was a police man and James was the inmate.  Or fireman and fire dog.  Or pilot and airplane.  Or…

(Brooke is having no part of the costume matching this year. She’s going to be a beautiful mermaid.)

I usually love  Gymboree, especially for little girls.  Brooke was a Bumble Bee and then a Strawberry for her first Halloweens.  This year I see a strawberry, butterfly, sunflower, pirate, parrot, monster and more.


Last year we picked up some great deals from Diapers.com, and had a very easy and free return for one costume that did not fit.  Go HERE to see what they have.


Finally, The Houston Fire Museum has a cute infant fireman suit that I’ve always wanted for James.  I think you should get it and tell me how adorable your baby fireman is!

Whatever you decide to get, come back and tell us the best deals or cutest costumes you’ve found.  We love Halloween!

Zum Balance Bike – Works Like Magic


My friend had a ZUM Balance Bike and I thought it was just a funny looking gimmick. It’s a bike with no pedals that kids push with their feet. Then, one day, I saw her daughter ride the balance bike for one afternoon and then pick up her sister’s two wheel bike and ride away. She needed no training wheels or instruction. She just rode away. At this point, I told Joe to get on the awesome little ZUM Balance Bike.

Joe (age 4) and Brooke (age 2) rode this bike for about a month and thought it was a fun little Police bike. Last weekend, at his grandparents house, Joe just jumped on a two wheel bike and rode away. His balance (and speed) were perfect. His start and stop were a little shaky, but after a couple tries (and one minor fall), Joe was a 2 wheel’n biker dude. Check out his first day here (and ignore the Hello Kitty bike).


Cheap Animal Crackers on Amazon. Time to Stock Up the Mini Van.

 I’ve been waiting and waiting for these animal crackers to go down from $20.  Today they are $12.99 and ship free if you have a Prime membership or if you spend $25.00.  This is just 36¢ per bag.  My mini van is filled with these Austin Zoo Animal Crackers and I use them in case of emergency.  (Like if my car were to break down at meal time.  Or if I need to bribe my kids.  Or whatever.)

I just ordered two more boxes so we’re ready for the new school year.  (I’m guessing that to make it to school by 7:45am each morning, I will use a lot of bribes, rewards, pleas… and animal crackers.)  Go HERE if you need the same.

What to get a 5 year old for his birthday? Joe is offering up several suggestions.

Are you looking for a gift for a 5 year old boy? Joe has some suggestions and is hoping this his grandparents read this post.

Jasmine Blooming Tea – Really Cool Party Trick or Great Mother’s Day Gift

I’ve still got Taiwan on the brain. One item that I saw there was this Jasmine Blooming Tea. It starts out as a little ball, but when you add hot water, it turns into a huge flower.

Check out a video here:


Want to know how it is made? Look here:


Want to buy it? It looks like you get get 10 on Amazon for $13.74 shipped. I think this will make a cool party trick or for a gift. My MIL might just get this for Mother’s Day.

Nasaline Baby NasaKleen Nasal Aspirator – Really Gross and Really Works

My third child has had a cold since the day he was born. I blame his older brother and sister and some bad parenting. (The poor guy was at preschool at 5 days old.)

In an effort to apologize for 6 months of germ exposure, I went to Amazon to find a good nasal aspirator. I read a lot of reviews and finally decided on this Baby NasaKleen- Nasal Aspirator. What got me was the soft tip that wouldn’t scratch baby’s nose. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now, and I’m really impressed.

To use it I put (trap?) my baby in his high chair. I put the little tip in his stuffy nose and then suck out the mucus. Yes, suck out snot. As long as I’m really fast, he does not mind. If I goof around too long, he protests.

One review I read on this type of nasal aspirator said you can get sick from breathing in the germs. This brand comes with a little filter, but I’m not sure it does much. I’m still okay with using it because I’d do just about anything to make my baby feel better.

Sucking out the mucus is a little gross. But then again, when you have a baby, gross is just sort of normal. I mean, I’ve given up on wearing clean shirts and usually have a little spit on my shoulder.    The snot doesn’t go anywhere near your mouth, and even if it did, I’d still use it since I feel bad about all the colds we’ve passed to baby!

Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 – Perfect for Teaching Young Kids about Electronics

I am a sucker for educational toys. If the box says the toy will teach my kids something, I’m tempted to buy it. I’ve been tricked many times into buying toys that are boring, breakable or not all that educational. This was NOT the case with Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100

I bought this for my 4 year old for Christmas. I figured I could put together the circuits for him and teach him a little about electricity.

I did put together the first circuit, but my 4 year old took over after that. For the simple designs, he’s able to put together the circuits as easily as he can build a Duplo tower. When the light bulb turns on or buzzer buzzes, he is very proud. When it does not work, he looks at his design to see what might be wrong.

As he is building, we talk casually about electricity and how it works.  We also talk what other devices around the house use similar circuits.

The toy is so simple and fun that we don’t get bored or overwhelmed.  I’m very impressed. Go check it out HERE.

Save Money on the Boring Stuff so you can Spend Money on the Fun Stuff – Amazon Earth’s Best 2nd Baby Food, 75¢ Each

Why spend too much on baby food when you get get it cheap from Amazon.com?  You can pick up Earth’s Best Organic 2nd Apple & Blueberry, 4-Ounce Jars (Pack of 12) for $8.87 on Amazon.

Just follow this LINK. You can select this Apple & Blueberry favor or you can shop around for something else. Next select “Subscribe & Save” and check out.  The item will ship for free!

Once the package arrives, cancel “Subscribe & Save” with no penalty. (I do it all the time and have never had an issue.)

I love Amazon. You can get great deals and there is no need to go to the store!