Nhem Photo Top 5 Tips for How to Take Better Photos of Your Kids!

Do you ever wonder how some photographers can get the cutest pictures of the craziest kids?  Well, it’s not just the camera they are using…  IT’S THE PHOTOGRAPHER!  Do you want to know the secrets of snapping great photos of your wiggly kids?

Julie Nhem of Nhem Photo is here to give us 5 tips on taking better photos!

Tip 1(A). Don’t over-pose the kids or try too hard to force a smile.  My favorite photos of children are candid or semi-posed.

There are tricks you can use to get a smile… I like to bark or meow or moo!  You know your kids best and you know what makes them laugh.  With some kids bribery works well— the promise of candy can get older children to give a good smile.  But a natural smile is the goal… and that is something you get when they are having fun.

Set up a space for them to play and explore.  Have them involved in an activity and be prepared to take lots of pictures.  You never know when those giggles will ensue!

Taking Photos Tip 1

Tip 1(B). With siblings, tickling is always a sure winner!

Taking Photos Tip 1B

Tip 2. Groom the kids and take off their shoes. Clip nails and wipe off milk mustaches. Unless you are a photoshop whiz you will not be able to remove those things in your photos!

Taking Photos Tip 2

Tip 3: Look for the light. What direction is the light coming from? You don’t want to place your kids directly in front of, or behind the light source. If you are outdoors, watch for squinting. Look for shaded areas, or have the light hitting the side of their face for more drama.

Taking Photos Tip 3

Tip 4: Don’t shoot outdoors in the middle of the day when the sun is directly overhead, and likewise do not place your child directly under an artificial light source… harsh shadows make for unflattering photos.

Taking Photos Tip 41

Tip 5: If you, as the photographer, are having fun with the camera and smiling and laughing, your kids will enjoy having their photos taken and you will set a precedence for photo shoots for the rest of their lives.

I can always tell when a family has been through too many stressful, negative experiences when having their pictures taken. The boys almost always never want to be there. But if you can try to make it a fun experience you will not only enjoy taking photos/having photos taken, but your pictures will come out so much better!

Taking Photos Tip 5

Family Photos on the Sabine Street Bridge, with the Houston Skyline in the Background, with Margie and June’s View

Jarvis Family November 2013

I love portraits with the Houston skyline in the background and I finally got some for myself. After a little research, Margie and I decided that the Sabine Street bridge, between Allen Parkway and Memorial, was the place to go.

Downtown from Sabine Street Bridge

We met on a November morning at 9:30am. The sun was in a bad spot, just over the skyscrapers and shining straight at us. Margie did a great job shooting around it, but I would suggest earlier than 9:30am or later in the day.

Jarvis Family Sabine Street Bridge

We had some sun rays in our pictures but really, we already had a fireman in our Christmas card portrait, so we just went with it. It is kind of a cool effect.

Margie Taking Brooke's Picture

Margie always works hard for her pictures and gets the kids to smile. I recommend her if you are looking for reasonably priced kid’s portraits, at a Houston location of your choosing! Go HERE to find her.

Where in Houston can you get great looking, affordable kids portraits? JCPenney Portraits in Meyerland!

It can be really hard to get good portraits at a good price. It is even harder when the subject wiggles and won’t look at the camera. And when you have 3 young kids wiggling to their own beat, it can be almost impossible.

Still, Margie at JCPenney Meyerland always captures good pictures.

My oldest child is almost 6 years old and we’ve been getting pictures done every 3 months since he was born. With this frequency, I cannot afford an expensive photographer. Fortunately, with JCP Meyerland, I do not need to.
Margie works very hard to make the kids smile, laugh and sit in 1 spot.  Even if it is just for 1 second, she can capture a good picture.
Let me also say that not all JCPenney Portrait Studios are created equal.  The price is always right but it takes a good photographer to get the good pictures.  If you are in Houston, the Meyerland location is worth driving to!
730 Meyerland Plaza Mall
Houston, TX 77035

JC Penney Portraits – Great Deals on Portraits and Cards for Christmas 2012 – And Why We Love Margie at Meyerland

You may know by now that I love Margie at JC Penney Portraits in Meyerland.  She takes great pictures of 3 wiggly kids AND the prices are extremely reasonable.

I find this to be a very rare combination.  Often times, if you can get cheap portraits, the photographer can’t get 3 kids to look and smile simultaneously.  Or, if you have a very experienced child photographer, the portraits are very expensive.

At JCP, the portrait sheets are just $4 every day.  No coupon needed.  AND Margie and her staff are very good with the kids.  I’ve been getting pictures taken every 3 months for 5 years and I am so pleased (and relieved) to have found JCP Meyerland.

If you hurry and schedule an appointment in November, you can get the best deals.  Christmas cards are just 50¢ each plus you get free sitting fees, a free 8×10 and a free digital copy of 1 portrait.  Also, on Black Friday, November 23, you can get the full session CD (with rights to all the pictures), for only $49.

If you schedule your session in December, Christmas cards are 70¢ each.

In November and December, you can also get the Holiday Portrait Package which includes 1 8×10, 2 5x7s, 4 31/2x5s and 16 wallets for just $8. Also, if you spend more than $100, you get a $50 coupon to use at your next visit.

Sitting fees are usually $9 per person or free with the Portrait Membership.  We purchase the membership every 2 years.  The benefits are:
Every Time Membership Benefits

  • No sitting fees (regularly $9.00 per person)

Extra One-Time Membership Benefits

  • One free traditional portrait sheet (10×13 or smaller)
  • One free multi-image portrait sheet (10×13 or smaller)
  • Plus, 3 gifts of $10 off purchases of $10 or more

Affordable and Adorable – JCPenney Portraits – Meyerland

Have I told you lately how much I love JCPenney Portraits in Meyerland?  Margie is fantastic and the portraits are very reasonable.

I’ve struggled for many years to find a place that was affordable and worthwhile.  Perhaps one of my biggest pet peeves is when photographers wait for kids to pose.  I need a photographer that will click away while positioning the kids and encouraging them to smile.  My kids never actually pose, but still, Margie is able to capture some adorable shots.

JP Penney Portraits, like the rest of JC Penney, is moving away from coupons but they will honor any that you already have.  Instead of coupons, check the very reasonable monthly deals.  You can often get a sheet for only $4.

For more information, go HERE or call 713-666-0277.

JCPenney Portraits Meyerland

You’ve seen me rave about JCPenney Portraits in Meyerland.  Margie is especially good and capturing good pictures of uncooperative kids.

And the portraits are cheap!  For as low as $3.99, you can get a 8×10 or 2 5×7 portraits.

We went recently for James 6 months pictures.  We got some great pictures in between meltdowns.  See my handsome James pictured here.

We got some not so hot pictures too.  At first I wasn’t thrilled with the group shots… but then I decided that in 20 years I’d be happy to remember life with a baby, 2 year old and 4 year old.

Just like I see each day, pictured here, you will find Brooke choking Joe, Joe fighting back, and poor James wondering if he can find a better family.

Good thing these little guys are cute.

Go to JCP Meyerland to capture your own memories!

Picture People – Photo Shoot and Eight Color Portrait Sheets ($144 Value) for $16 – Groupon 1.24.12


One of today’s Groupons is for Picture People. For $16, you get 8 color portrait sheets plus a photo shoot at Picture People, valid at five Houston-area locations. Photo sheets include eight sheets total of the same image, with one 10″x13″, one 8″x10″, four 5″x7″s, ten 4″x6″s, and 16 wallet photos divided among them. Photos are ready within one hour.

This is a great price…but is only valid on one image. My problem is when I see multiple images of my kids, I want to order them all… and these will be full price. If you can focus on just getting the deal, with one image, go check it out HERE. This is a great price.

If you do not see the deal on the main page, check under All Deals at the top of the website.

JCPenney Portraits – Margie at the Meyerland Location is the Best!


Have I told you lately how much I love Margie at JCPenney Portraits Meyerland? When I get pictures of my kids, I want good pictures that do not cost a fortune. (All I want is everything…) I found Margie 6 months ago and could not be more pleased. She is good with the kids and she snaps away and always gets good pictures of my three little monkeys. She also knows what deals JCPenney is running and how to get you the best deal.


If you go to JCPenney Meyerland, be sure to check out the coupons HERE. You should never pay more than $3.99 per sheet because there is ALWAYS a coupon online.


JCPenney Portraits –$40 for Enhanced Portrait Package ($209.89 Value) – Groupon 12.23.11


One of today’s Groupon daily deals is for JCPenney Portraits where you can pay $40 for the Enhanced Portrait Package ($209.89 Value).

  • Six single-image enhanced portrait sheets, 10”x13” or smaller
  • One Be Squared portrait, 10”x10” or smaller
  • One single-image CD
  • Standard sitting fees for all subjects in the photo shoot are waived
  • 40% off additional purchases of portrait sheets, greeting cards, collages, posters, or enlargements made that day

Go HERE to get it. If you don’t see it on the main page, click on “all deals” at the top of the page.

I am a big fan of Margie at JCPenney Portraits in Meyerland. Give them a try!

Free Personalized Video from Santa – Send One to your Kids


Go HERE to make your own free personalized video from Santa. I made one last year and my son was amazed that Santa sent it. It just takes a few minutes to make (if you have your pictures ready).


Go HERE to see Joe’s video for this year.


Go HERE to see Brooke’s video.