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This is Felicia! My girls and I love exploring Houston and we love to read.  We take books with us where ever we go.

This review is of Out of My Mind by Sharon M. Draper

Unless you have been living under rock, I know you have seen the book with the fish jumping out of its bowl. Next time you see it anywhere, grab it! It’s a must read for everyone and a great summer read for parents to read with their kids. This book emphasizes sensitivity to people with special needs.

Melody, the main character with a photographic memory and cerebral palsy, quickly pulls you in and my daughters were both quickly transported into the plot, loudly cheering when she overcame obstacles and sobbing when life disappointed her.

Melody has an impressive memory, but is unable to communicate or take care of herself and because of this is, she is in the special education room. Some years, her teachers understand that she is smart and seek out audio books for her to listen to. Some years, she listens to the same silly songs over and over again and wastes an entire year.

Everything changes when she begins fifth grade and Melody does a report on Stephen Hawking and discovers technology that allows her to communicate with their peers. This changes her world and surprises her classmates who have dismissed her as a feeble-minded for many years. Are her classmates and teachers ready to hear what she says? Read and find out!

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