Where in Houston? Smither Park!

Yesterday I asked where in Houston this picture was taken. It’s from Smither Park, next to the Orange Show!

Where in Houston?

Where in Houston was this picture taken?

Where in Houston? Silos on Sawyer Street!

Yesterday I asked where in Houston this picture was taken. It’s from Silos on Sawyer Street!

Where in Houston?


Where in Houston was this picture taken?

Classic French Soufflés at Rise No. 2!

Location: 1700 Post Oak Blvd Ste 290 Houston 77056
Ages: 5 and up
Price: $$

Hi, I’m Juliette and I have a new restaurant for you.  Last weekend, we were out with some good friends and we felt like eating something sweet… But where??   So many choices in Houston… but all of sudden, my friend remembered hearing of a new place called Rise No. 2 on Post Oak Blvd!

We all got really excited when we realized that Rise serves soufflés dishes (sweet and savory).  Soufflés are a classic French dish that is typically hard to make but so worth it.  The egg whites make the dish so light and airy that it is like eating a cloud.

Rise No. 2 is located on the second floor of the new shopping corner (over the Whole Foods). Its beautiful door was open for us and the bright and cheerful décor welcomed us.

They sell beautifully colored kitchen towels with fun designs and other French gifts. They really worked hard at making the décor French and inviting. High chairs are ready for the younger ones and their bathroom is really clean.

Our friend and I grew up in France and we felt very nostalgic when we saw the hand soap! Who knew we were going to go back to our old school days? I don’t know if I can really describe it but we all went to wash our hands sometimes even twice! If you go, you will know how the soap was in every school in France!

Another cute detail was the Scrabble tiles available on the table to keep young and old entertained!

Their menu offers some nice appetizers to help you wait for your soufflés. You have to know that a soufflé cannot be precooked so you will have to wait for it to rise in the oven. This is why I would recommend it for kids 5 and up or with patient children.

Their savory soufflés sound wonderful from classic ham and cheese or spinach to Southwest Chicken. We were all intrigued by their Marshmallow Soup and we will try it for our next visit.

We picked a Chocolate Soufflé and a Crème Brulée (our friends tried chocolate too…sorry for the lack of diversity!) but they have Strawberry, Bread pudding, praline pecan… It was well worth the wait!

Our waiter let me photograph it before poking a hole through the top and pouring chocolate sauce inside. My son couldn’t take his eyes from the dessert! My husband and I shared the Crème Brulée and it was delicious.

Our son finally realized he could not eat the whole soufflé by himself. He loved it and wished he had not had lunch before! I loved the taste, the strong chocolate flavors and lightness of the bite in your mouth. It was wonderful!

As we are getting into the Holiday season, treat yourself to a warm and delicious indulgence. We can’t wait to go back for a savory soufflé and I’d love to hear from you if you go!

The motto on their website says: “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” – Virginia Woolf. How true is that? This year, among other important things, I am definitively thankful for Houston incredible restaurants!



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Cottonwood… Family and Pet Friendly with Live Music, Patio, Park and Good Food!

Location: 3422 N. Shepherd Dr, Houston 77018
Age: All ages
Price: $-$$

Hi, this is Juliette with a new review… and Cottonwood on North Shepherd is our new find!

We tested this place for you in the summer heat but I’m hoping the weather cools down fast so you can enjoy their wonderful patio comfortably. Cottonwood is a bar, restaurant and hosts live bands. Children are welcome (and dogs too!) and will love the casualness of the place.

They have 3 outdoor spaces that are sure to be a hit with your family. They have plenty of parking and next to it is a public park, Graham Park, where my son and his friend kept going in between bites! After 9pm, Cottonwood is reserved for the over 21 crowd but for an early dinner, it is a perfect spot for all.

As you walk in their dining room, you are sure to notice the beautiful light fixtures and comfortable tables and chairs. We stepped out to their covered patio with big wooden picnic tables, a foosball table and a small stage where a band accompanied our dinner. You can also sit by the washers game and let the kids play around the gravel patio. Finally, there is another sitting area with a lounge feel where we sat as the music got a bit loud for our conversation.

Cottonwood offers a great menu of casual food ranging from hamburgers to Paninis to the famous “Squirrel in the box”! Don’t worry it is only a reference to their logo, a cute squirrel, but you will enjoy 3 fried beef tacos if you order it! You also have to try their smoked salmon deviled eggs, they are unbelievably good.

My son ordered a cheeseburger and fries and he had been running around so much before sitting down for dinner that he wolfed it down! The buns are very soft and the meat was cooked to your preference.

My husband went with a comfort food from his youth: the Sloppy JoJo. It comes with a fried egg, fried onion rings and brisket in Sloppy Joe sauce. He would tell you that this is not the best choice if you are trying to be part of the conversation! It was delicious and sloppy.

I ordered the Caesar salad. It came in a bowl and I enjoyed it. The ingredients were fresh and with the deviled eggs, it made for a perfect dinner. My friend had the kale salad and it was delicious.

Cottonwood was a real treat for us. We went with friends and our children played well and ate well and we had a lovely time talking and listening to a live band that was really good. What a wonderful way to spend Saturday night! I hope your family will enjoy it too!



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Blue skies, clear water, exciting water slides, dolphins, sharks, pools… Paradise Island in the Bahamas!

Want a taste of Paradise? Then come with us to Paradise Island in the Bahamas!

Last winter, I made the mistake (or not!) to show my son a commercial video for the Atlantis Resort in Paradise Island. It shows blue sky, clear water, exciting water slides, dolphins, sharks, pools… and he was sold! He just loved it so much that it was all he could talk about so I started looking into it for a summer vacation.

Paradise Island Clear Water
Along the way, I tried to sell him other destinations maybe closer to Texas and every time he asked the same questions: Can you swim with dolphins? Can you take a water slide in a shark tank? Can you snorkel in crystal clear water? Invariably, I had to say no to one of these questions and so we always went back to Atlantis!

Paradise Island Bahamas in the Water with Fish
The Atlantis resort is only 3 hours away by plane but you will feel like a world away. It is huge and absolutely beautiful, lush, clean and with views of turquoise water everywhere. They offer different hotel towers ranging from moderate to luxury. I will mention the prices in a little bit but first let’s focus on the dreamy paradisiac part!!

When we first arrived, we felt like we were never going to find our way around but no matter what wrong way we took we were sure to find some great aquariums or pools! Aquaventure is their water park that is open from 10am until 7pm and it has 8 water slides, a lazy river and a rapids river. The Leap of Faith slide is the craziest of all and we enjoyed watching people screaming and proud to have done it! My husband did it twice and I knew that there was no way I would slide almost vertically into a tunnel in a shark aquarium!

Paradise Island Shark
They have fairly strict rules for the rides so your child has to be 48 inches minimum. For the little ones, they have small slides and 3 fun kids’ pools with games and structures. Then you have the Paradise Lagoon with sand and clear water so you can see colorful fish swim around you. My son absolutely loved this! He wore a life jacket (free and found everywhere throughout the resort) so he could wander around the lagoon with my husband while I sat on a beach chair in the water surrounded by white or yellow fish. You can buy fish food but they let us feed them bread crusts or crackers. It was amazing to hand feed the fish. It was the first time for me and our son to do that and it was as incredible as I thought.

Paradise Island Bahamas Feet in Sand with Fish in Clear Water
And then, if that is not enough, they have 3 beaches with white sand and clear water. One had strong waves and was quickly deep, one had medium size waves and our favorite one was completely calm and had a slow slope where you could watch the fish. As a matter of fact, we also saw a sea turtle there! The resort was crowded but the beach was mostly quiet and we almost felt like the only ones there as you can see on the picture!

Paradise Island Atlantis Resort
Once you are done with the water fun, walk around the resort and discover all their aquariums. The Dig is an underground adventure which takes you into the world of Atlantis. The Predator lagoon takes you through caves-like aquariums and a tunnel where sharks swim over you. They have so many fish, so many ponds, so many aquariums that it is sure to keep you entertained. They went all out with the details and it is really beautiful to walk through the resort. Dolphin Cay is another lagoon with dolphins and you can book your interactions with them.  (The dolphins were rescued from the New Orleans Aquarium when Katrina hit.) My husband and son did the shallow-water interaction and loved their dolphin who was so friendly and fun. It was their best moment and most unforgettable one.

Paradise Island Bahamas Palm Trees
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Why I decided to embrace PokemonGo!

Pokeman Go Picture
From Houston mom, Juliette:

My husband and I have been pretty tough with video games for our (almost) 9-year-old son. We both believe that there is plenty of time for that when he becomes older.

Of course, Minecraft crept into our household, first with guidebooks and then with the game but neither my husband nor I could really figure it out. So our son would play and build and tell us how cool it was when he mined redstone or killed a zombie and we would just nod back approvingly but it was pretty solitary for him.

So when talk of PokemonGo started popping up everywhere, we thought it was fun but nothing more. Then we went to Hermann Park and noticed all the players walking mostly in pairs and staring at their phones and thought how weird that was.

But yesterday, we downloaded the game and started… walking! I didn’t realize how much walking was involved and my son was so excited to go on a walk that I was all in for PokemonGo! This afternoon, our dog and phone in hand, we went around our block where my son found some Pokestops and other monsters he had to catch.

We quickly had to set up some rules: watching the road and not the phone when crossing for instance and trying to stop in the shade not in full sun! But I enjoyed talking with him about our next stop and how far the Gym was. As we were walking around, we met a fellow player who soon started up a conversation with my son.

He was much more experienced than us and we all walked to a Poke Gym to watch him fight and win as we lost our first combat. He showed us tricks and gave us hints. He told us how he goes to popular parks around town and meet other players. We chatted and walked (by then my dog was exhausted!) and I enjoyed seeing my son talking so comfortably with this person who was on his lunch break from work.

The world is in such a weird phase right now and I felt so happy to see the positive aspect of people starting conversations with strangers. I know that there are problems and issues with this video game (all people playing are maybe not quite as nice as our young man!) but right now, I just want to enjoy a nice walk with my son and maybe meet a few nice people from our neighborhood!

Let me know what your experiences have been with the game and who you’ve run into you somewhere around town!

From oysters, to crabs, to crawfish… Blue Water Seafood!

Blue Water Seafood Restaurant Outside
Location: 4921 FM 2920, Spring, TX 77388
Age Appropriate: All Ages
Price: $-$$

Hi, it’s Juliette with a fun review this week! My son had a tournament over the weekend in Spring and in between games we had just enough time for a quick lunch so we drove around and found a great place: Blue Water Seafood on FM 2920.

It is in the middle of a small shopping strip and its closed umbrellas caught our eyes. It was way too hot to even consider eating outside so we stepped inside… into a marine theme restaurant.

Blue Water Seafood Shark
A fun shark hangs over the dining room, the walls are covered by fish and other fun things. Your little ones will enjoy walking around the tables or the comfortable booths and look at all the decorations.

Blue Water Seafood Restaurant
Their bathrooms were clean and had a fun twist: you walk in the women bathroom and as you turn around they had painted Men on the back of the door. It got me nervous for just a second as I walked out! A little sense of humor is always a good sign in a restaurant!

Blue Water Seafood Cheeseburger
Their menu is filled with seafood from oysters, to crabs, to crawfish… You can choose one their platters or sandwich and the children have crayons and activity page with nice options.

Our waiter, Robert, was one of a kind. He made our day and was extremely pleasant, helpful and accommodated us so we could eat and pay in a short amount of time. He even went beyond what was expected when he prepared 4 cups of iced water to take back to the baseball game! (He might have been our lucky charm since the team ended up winning the tournament!)

Blue Water Seafood Crawfish
Our son ordered a full size cheese burger with fries and ate almost all of it. The crinkled fries were delicious and the meat was cooked perfectly. My husband chose the crawfish po boy with fries and he loved the crunchy crawfish and good bread. I chose the Stuffed Avocado. It was a first for me and I was really happy I tried it! It came as a golden ball and as I cut it in half shrimp and cheese oozed out of it. It was not greasy at all and the ingredients mixed perfectly together.

Blue Water Seafood Stuffed Avocado Cut
We all enjoyed our meal tremendously and we are looking forward to our next tournament in Spring to go back. The festive décor, relaxed atmosphere and wonderful staff made this quick lunch a wonderful experience. I know that the other guests were enjoying themselves too and I hope your family will try it too! And if you have Robert as your waiter you will be even luckier!

Blue Water Seafood Bench
Happy eating to you!


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Jupiter Pizza and Waffle Co. in Sugar Land Town Square

Location: 16135 City Walk, Sugar Land, TX 77479
Price: $-$$
Ages: All ages

Hi, this is Juliette! I hope you are all enjoying the hot days of June and that all your children are happy either at home or at camp. We have quickly adjusted to our summer rhythm which proves difficult for my husband that still has to work!

We are a baseball family, mostly we follow our son’s passion. He likes to call us “the baseball chasers” instead of the “tornado chasers” because he loves to go to any tournament happening around town! And last week, it took us to Sugar Land! We stopped at Highway 6 and Town Square Center. Jupiter’s Pizza and Waffle Co. is located right behind City Hall and has a huge open space with grass and cool fountains where kids can run around and parents can relax on the patio.

Jupiter Piizza and Waffle Co. in Sugar Land Town Square
I know, it was 99 degrees and we baked just crossing the plaza… but after sunset or any time between October and May it must be perfect! And to be honest, there were 5 boys in our group and they all ran around!

Jupiter Piizza and Waffle Co. in Sugar Land Town Square Inside
The décor is modern and casual. They have great partitions throughout the dining room so you always feel like you are in a private area. Their bathroom was very spacious and ready for the littlest ones. We took a big table and our waiter did a great job with our orders and even told me about the special during Happy Hour (weekdays from 3 to 7pm) that made our dinner half price!

Jupiter Piizza and Waffle Co. in Sugar Land Town Square Cheese Pizza
My son ordered the small pepperoni pizza, my husband picked the meat lover pizza and I chose the Jupiter Salad ( $5.00 only). The crust on the pizza was really good and both loved it. My salad was really good, it had strawberries, oranges, blue cheese, pecans and granola. It was sweet and crunchy and the dressing was really tangy.

Jupiter Piizza and Waffle Co. in Sugar Land Town Square Salad
I don’t have a picture but one the kids at our table ordered chicken strips and wafflettes and the plate looked gorgeous! As soon as it was down, everyone took a small waffle and it was too late for a picture!

Jupiter Piizza and Waffle Co. in Sugar Land Town Square Meal Lovers
We all had a great time at Jupiter Piizza and Waffle Co, service was great and the food made us want to come back! One more cute touch that made this restaurant stand out for us: the bill came in a paperback book! We wondered if they choose the book to match the guests! However, we got World of Warcraft so I don’t know if that’s the vibe we gave out I hope not!!!

Jupiter Piizza and Waffle Co. in Sugar Land Town Square Check
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