Where in Houston? Alice and Wonderland Sculpture at Evelyn’s Park!

Yesterday I asked where in Houston this picture was taken. It is from the Alice in Wonderland sculpture at Evelyn’s Park. The foot of this chair has just one of the 150 hidden objects in the sculpture!


  1. So glad you found one of the 150, actually if you look close there are really 3 things here. I’ll start to reveal them in riddle and rhyme on my social media pages links for Instagram twitter etc can be found at http://www.Alicesculpture.com. There is also a free printable detective book for those who are playing along. Remember when you find a hidden object you must answer 4 questions 1. What is it? 2. Where is it on the sculpture? Where is it in the book? What special significance does it have to the author, illustrator or sculptor?

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