Fu Belly… Boardgames, Foosball and Chinese and Vietnamese Food!

Address: 5727 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77057

We went to Fu Belly for the bubble tea… but when we got there, we found board games, foosball and lunch!

Fu Belly is located at Chimney Rock and Westheimer and serves Chinese and Vietnamese food… and delivers in the Galleria Area. It is big, sleek and clean… and was a surprisingly fun place to eat lunch.

We expected to run in quickly for bubble tea… but once we found the games and coffee table/foosball table combo, we decided to order some lo mein and stay a while.


We ordered at the counter and the food was delivered to our table. The staff was incredibly friendly and even noticed when the baby needed a drink and brought over some water.

The vegetable lo mein was fresh and veggies were crunchy… and it was so big we shared. The tea was good and they really listened when we asked for “just a little sweet!”.

We played the games and had a good time with the low foosball table before heading out. This was a really nice surprise!





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