Houston Grand Opera’s The House Without a Christmas Tree at Resilience Theater

I never would have thought the Houston Grand Opera was for families.  In fact, I never would have thought the Houston Grand Opera was for me.

There was no way we were fancy enough for the opera… or could follow the story and enjoy the show.  But I was wrong.  A couple of years ago the Houston Grand Opera invited us to The Little Prince and we had a really good time.

We dressed up, walked through downtown with the holiday crowds headed to the theaters, took our seats and really felt like it was Christmas.  Before the lights went down we read through the story so we knew what to expect… and when the show began, the words were projected over the screen so my readers could follow along.

This year the Houston Grand Opera had us out to the dress rehearsal of The House Without a Christmas Tree.


Photo: Lynn Lane

The Wortham Theater was damaged by Harvey… but the show is going on at the Resilience Theater in the George R. Brown Convention Center, through December 17, 2017!

So this year we headed to the George R. Brown by Discovery Green.  We stopped by Hello, Trees! and the Giant Gingerbread House and made our way through the hustle and bustle to Resilience Theater.  (It is in Hall A3 of the George R. Brown.  The entrance is across from the Marriott Marquis and Biggios Sportsbar.  You enter the big red doors and go up to the 3rd floor.)

The temporary theater has been built in the exhibit hall… but once the show started, you wouldn’t know it.  The performance is just as beautiful as it was at Wortham Theater.

Once again the synopsis was handed out so I could read to the kids… and during the show, the words were projected over the screen.  My 8 year old probably liked the show the very best… she could read the words and really appreciate that the main character gets picked on by the boy she “hates”.

In total, the show is about an hour and a half.  There is no age requirement for entering the theater… but your kids should be able to sit and watch for over an hour.  Also, I think that if they can read, the show is more enjoyable!

If you want to try a family friendly opera this holiday season, find your own tickets HERE!  (And for everything to do around Resilience Theater for the holidays, go HERE!)



Photo: Lynn Lane

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