Where to find Bluebonnets, around Houston, in 2017!

Find the 2018 list HERE!

Baby in Bluebonnets Houston Brays Bayou
Bluebonnets at Brays Bayou 2017
Find the 2018 list HERE!

Spring is here and bluebonnets are popping up around Houston.  If you’ve seen bluebonnets this year… please tell us where!

A;so, if you head out for photos, watch out for ants and keep it as nice as you found it.  So… no picking, trampling or littering please!


Bluebonnet patches that have been confirmed for 2017 are:

  1.  Brays Bayou at Almeda and South MacGregor, behind Hermann Park – Fudruckers and Luby’s are right across the street.  There is a flat wildflower site, plus lots of bluebonnets on the steeper banks of the bayou.
  2. Bayou Parkland at Hermann Park on Almeda, south of South MacGregor – Free public parking in the parking lot.  This is a quiet (and mostly unknown!) part of Hermann Park.  Right on the banks of Brays Bayou, you will find tons of bluebonnets… plus you might be able to get the Bill Coats Bridge in the background.  (See the picture below)
  3. White Oak Bayou at TC Jester and Cindy Lane – Teresa found 3 patches of bluebonnets here.  There are more big spots along banks of the bayou (but are difficult to access with little kids).
  4. TMC Transit Center – Right in the Medical Center there are yellow wildflowers and a small patch of bluebonnets.  Find them right at the TMC Transit Center METRORail stop, between the train and MD Anderson.  Take the train or bus because there isn’t much parking!
  5. Blessington Farms – This is a farm with strawberry picking and fun farm activities.  You pay to get in, but if you are there, there is a small hill with bluebonnets and wildflowers that is good for photos.  It’s very small (but good for close ups)… so no stomping on flowers!
  6. Rob Fleming Park Wildflower Meadow – Kerry found this park in The Woodlands has a meadow with bluebonnets.  It’s not huge, but good for photos!
  7. On Chatham by Cornerstone Elementary in Sugar Land – Michell spotted them by the water off Chatham!

See the map and pictures below.  Also, for more bluebonnets in Texas, check out Texas Bluebonnet Sightings and Visit Brenham!

People usually see bluebonnets in Memorial Park, TC Jester Park and Buffalo Bayou Park… and we’ll add them to the map when we get confirmation.



Bluebonnets in Houston Brays Bayou
Brays Bayou at Almeda and South MacGregor

Bluebonnets at Brays bayou from Bayou Parklands at Hermann Park
Bayou Parklands at Hermann Park

Bluebonnets at Brays Bayou from Bayou Parklands at Hermann Park with Bill Coats Bridge
Bayou Parklands at Hermann Park, at Bill Coats Bridge

White Oak Bayou Bluebonnets
White Oak Bayou at TC Jester and Cindy Lane

Bluebonnets at MD Anderson at TMC Transit Center
TMC Transit Center, between MetroRail and MD Anderson

Wild Flowers at TMC Transit Center Houston
TMC Transit Center, between MetroRail and MD Anderson

Bluebonnets at Blessington Farms
Blessington Farms. Everyone look here! No? Everyone do what you want! Perfect!

Bluebonnets in Sugar Land across Cornerstone Elementary
On Chatham by Cornerstone Elementary in Sugar Land


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