(Almost) Beyond the Beltway: Noah’s Ark Pool at Quillian Center

Noahs Ark at Quillian Center Pool Mushroom
Address: 3663 Westcenter Dr, Houston, TX 77042
Admission: $7.50 per person (to enjoy Noah’s Ark & the big pool). Children under 1 are free.

Each week this summer we are breaking out of the innerloop and reviewing places beyond the beltway.  This week’s review is so close to the beltway that you can see it… but it is technically inside.  Since it’s such a great place to take kids during the summer, I’m adding it to the series anyway!

Noah’s Ark Pool is one of my favorite pools for young kids!  It is shallow, with a slide, fountains and much more!

It is next to a traditional swimming pool (also included with admission) for the bigger kids, but Noah’s Ark is fenced off so there is no danger of the kids running to the deep end.


Available poolside is a concession stand with hot dogs, pizza, cold drinks and more.  Prices are surprisingly reasonable and the food can be eaten next to the pool.  It looks like you can also bring in a small cooler of your own food/drinks.

My kids really enjoy splashing around this little pool.  They go down the slide a hundred times, climb through the tunnel and get soaked by the jets.

I still need to follow my youngest, just to be sure he doesn’t run into trouble, but it’s not hard to supervise my 2, 4 and 6 year old at the same time.  (I think watching them at traditional pools can be stressful.)

Right at opening time, the pool has a little more space.  It is very popular, so it gets more crowded as the morning goes on.

I recommend you visit the pool this summer!  Westpark and Sam Houston Tollway seem far away from downtown Houston, but really it just takes us 15 minutes.

See our last review of Noah’s Ark HERE.  To see pictures of the big pool, go HERE.

Noahs Ark Pool
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