Evergreen Pool in Bellaire – Visiting Houston Area Parks and Pools, One Week at a Time!

Feet and Slide at Evergreen Pool
Address: 4500 Evergreen Street, Bellaire, TX 77401

2 & Under:Free
Prices have gone up… see the latest HERE.
Memberships also available

Evergreen Pool in Bellaire is open for the season!!

Duck Slide at Evergreen Park Pool
This pool is next to Evergreen Park and Russ Pitman Park, in a nice Bellaire neighborhood, making it a great spot to cool off this summer.


This pool includes a few lap lanes, a shallow end, a kiddie slide, a big slide and a diving board.  It’s quite large and fun for big and little kids.

Slides and Diving Board at Evergreen Park Pool
There is no wading pool for the babies, but it looks like most 3 and 4 year olds can walk along the bottom of the shallow end.  Which is good, because this is where the duck slide is and my little kids like to slide-splash-repeat, all day long. Strong swimmers do the same on the big slide and diving board.

The pool has several picnic tables, many lounge chairs and lots of seats in the shade. The pool is in full sun, so don’t forget the sun screen!

Shade and Sky at Evergreen Park Pool
Evergreen Pool has a locker room for men and women. They were clean when we visited, but are those old concrete locker rooms that gave me the creeps as a kid. They get all wet and dingy, even though showers and stalls looked new. But, there was a baby changing station, which is enough to get me inside!

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  1. I am a Bellaire native who spent every day of every summer at this pool ! What a great place to be a kid ! I do not live in Texas any longer……sure do miss it. What happened to the high dive ?

    • Jill Jarvis says:

      Donna – Awesome! I never saw a high dive… I’m guessing it got too “dangerous” like the playground equipment I grew up with. 🙂 Jill

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