Do you know an awesome Houston parent? Nominate them for BigKidSmallCity’s biggest giveaway yet!

Okay Friends – We’ve had many giveaways at BigKidSmallCity, but this one is going to be bigger.  I want to see if we can provide some encouragement to an awesome Houston parent.

"I Heart Mommy" by Dane   (c) Attribution-ShareAlike License

Photo Credit: Dane   (c) Attribution-ShareAlike License

I had good feedback on Facebook and great ideas on what to give away.  Some were to host a kid’s birthday party, provide a family photo session, fill up the freezer, offer kid’s classes, buy a zoo or museum membership and send the parents out for an evening.


The problem is, without knowing what the awesome parent needs, it’s hard to know what will make a difference.

So, what we’re going to do is first nominate the parent in the form below.  I will use the random number generator to select one family and then offer them an appropriate giveaway, valued at more than $100. If that family agrees, I will also feature them on BigKidSmallCity.

Tell me who you think is an awesome Houston parent.  Who works hard, keeps a positive attitude when things get tough and could use some encouragement and recognition?  Keep in mind that the giveaway will be Houston specific, so they need to live in the Houston area!

If you have a service or product you want to offer for this giveaway, email me at Jill @ BigKidSmallCity .com and we’ll sort out the details once we know the awesome family we are encouraging!

Nomination form closes on April 19, 2014 at 10:01pm.
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