All the Water in the World by George Ella Lyons and Katherine Tillotson – Books for Kids to Read

It’s Felicia! Today’s review is of All the Water in the World by George Ella Lyons and Katherine Tillotson.

This book was recently on the HISD’s Name That Book List and I pulled it off the shelf at Half Price Books about that time. My younger daughter was immediately drawn to the pastel, soft illustrations that compliment the words that you can almost feel as they pour from each page.

Sometimes the words rhyme like poetry and sometimes they don’t but what you can be sure is that, at the end of the book, your child will understand the importance of water and what a water cycle is.

“But where does it (water) come from?” is probably my favorite line in the book. The answer is put quite simply. “Water doesn’t come. It goes. Around.” and then the author explains how water has been recycled for ages through the rain that “has been here before.” while gently reminding the reader that is why we need to take care of our planet. Water is precious.


“Tap dance”, “avalanche”, “stampede of drips and drops” are the images of rain that are painted into your child’s head as an African child waits for “an open gate in the walls of clouds” holding an empty bowl in her hand.

Even though we have water today, “far away is a different day.” That page can be taken in two different ways that are simple enough for a four year old to understand. Water is here in their home in a faucet, but sometimes people in other regions of the world have to wait or travel for water. They can also learn that if one day, if we do not treat our precious water in a respectful manner, we may also have to wait for water.

I really love this book because it is science based but written poetically. I think that it is a perfect addition to anyone’s home or school library for that very reason!

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