What has been your greatest adventure so far? You asked BigKidSmallCity!

When I started BigKidSmallCity, I started to gain confidence in getting out of the house with 3 kids in tow.  With the help of some tour guides, I learned how to take METRORail, how to maneuver around Houston with my little circus and what kinds of events would be good for my family.  With this new confidence, I decided to go on an extra big adventure.

When James was 10 months, Brooke was 3 and Joe was 5, I was traveling  a lot for work.  I had a trip coming up for San Diego, so I booked tickets for the kids and enrolled them in a San Diego school.  We stayed in a hotel , I worked, the kids went to school and on nights and weekends, we explored the city.

Go HERE to read more about our adventure.

After this cross-country trip, I’m extra confident in what adventures we can do, enjoy and survive.  And it was our local Houston adventures that made me brave enough to do this.


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