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It’s Felicia! Today’s review is of Sleep Like a Tiger by Mary Logue.

What parent hasn’t experienced a spunky and stubborn child declining the invite of going to bed? My oldest daughter was never sleepy and always wanted to stay up five more minutes.

She would demand to know why she had to go to bed almost every single night. This book would have been perfect for her when she was three or four.  It also would have been perfect for me, a first time mother. Even though the child in the book declines to go to bed, repeatedly, the parents remain very calm and regale her with a bedtime story that is really just a colorful animal list with a description of each animal’s sleeping routine.

I love this book because most kids can certainly relate to not wanting to go to bed and pretending to be an animal which is what the little girl in the book does after her parents have left the room.  Her bedtime routine has changed from not wanting go to bed to pretending that she is a “tiny snail curled up like (a) cinnamon bun in their shell or a “colossal whale slowly swimming circles in the ocean.”


The pace of the story is almost like a lullaby that you read aloud. The words are very comforting and soothing and the artwork is a visual feast.  There are just enough words on each page and there are gorgeous mix media patterns everywhere. The illustrators’ attention to detail, no matter how small, is quite extraordinary. I love the bear hibernating in his cave with his alarm clock set to go off on “Spring” and the Zzz’s  wafting from the snail’s shell are darling.

I recommend this book to any parent that struggles to put their reluctant child to bed each night and with my third kid on the way, I am definitely buying this book for him. I think that we will both sleep better for it when the time comes!

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